Česká spořitelna Foundation

The Česká spořitelna Foundation is the biggest bank-run foundation in the country. Its main purpose is to promote innovations in education and social entrepreneurship that will lead to a healthier society where everyone can develop to their full potential, find their place in the world and live a happy life.

Educational Programmes

We have long strived to implement sustainable improvements to the education system in the Czech Republic. The foundation’s mission is to ensure that every child in every school in the Czech Republic learns as much as possible with as much enthusiasm as possible and acquires the skills and abilities that are needed for life in the 21st century. If this goal is achieved, it will be easier for parents to decide what school their child should go to, because the best school will simply be the one that is closest to them.

In 2018, the Česká spořitelna Foundation gave

CZK 33 730 000

in support of organisations active in the field of education.

Acceleration Programmes

We want Czech non-profit organisations to be unique, strong and able to response to the needs of society in a changing world. We help organisations that are trying to find solutions to current problems in society to become independent and stable.

In 2018, the České spořitelna Foundation spent a total of

CZK 8 853 000

supporting civic entrepreneurship.