Apple Pay

Make payments more easily and securely.

Apple Pay Česká spořitelna

Get ahead of the game 
and be the first to use Apple Pay

Paying in store  and online has never been easier. Add your Česká spořitelna card to Apple Pay and make payments using your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac computer. You can pay at contactless terminals or in e-shops that support Apple Pay.

What you’ll need

Platební karty

Mastercard or Visa payment card

Platební karty

Apple device

How to add a card to Apple Pay

How to pay in store

  1. Double-tap on the Home icon on your device to bring up the Wallet app.
  2. Confirm your identity using Touch ID, Face ID or PIN.
  3. Tap your device on the contactless payment terminal.
Zadání platby v Georgi

How to pay using 
Touch ID

You can make payments with Apple Pay wherever you see one of these symbols:

Apple Pay Contactless