„I was doing well, so I increased my repayments“

Done in 15 minutes

Whether you arrange the loan at a branch or online, the money will be in your account within 15 minutes.

You can change the repayment amount during the term of the loan

At any time during the term of the loan you can reduce repayments by up to a half or increase them to repay the loan sooner. You can also defer repayments or change the repayment date.

Interest rate from 5.9% per year

Borrow 20 000 or 2.5 million at one of the lowest interest rates on the market.

Calculate how advantageous the loan is for you


What you should know about a loan form us

  • With a loan from us, you will receive a discount on the maintenance fee of your account at Česká spořitelna.
  • We will lend you from CZK 20 000 to CZK 800 000 (up to CZK 2 500 000 in special cases).
  • You can set the maturity period to up to 10 years.
  • You can obtain the loan without collateral and without demonstrating the purpose.
  • Applying for the loan with someone else will help you get a bigger loan.
  • You can withdraw from the loan agreement within 30 days.
  • You can arrange payment protection insurance to help you deal with any unfortunate life situations.

Think about the future! It pays to insure your loans against adverse situations. That way you will be able to keep repaying your loan even if you have no income because of illness or loss of employment.

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Frequently asked questions

You will need a valid piece of identification and confirmation of income. If you are our client and your salary is paid into your account, you don’t need to provide income confirmation.

We recommend insuring yourself against such a situation. Go to our payment protection insurance page for more information.

The total loan amount is CZK 200 000 and the maturity is 108 months at an annual interest rate of 11.6%. Monthly repayments are CZK 3 030. The one-off fee for accepting, assessing and evaluating a loan application is CZK 2 000. The monthly loan administration fee is CZK 0. The annual percentage rate charged (APR) comes to 12.7% and the total amount to be repaid is CZK 329 240. If repayments are made on time, 15 repayments will be waived, the term of the loan will be 93 months, the interest rate will be 9.1%, the APR will be 9.9% and the total amount repaid will be CZK 283 790 with no change in the monthly payments.

More information on bonuses in the form of repayment waivers is set out in the loan agreement.

We provide loans with a maturity of 12 to 120 months and with an APR ranging from 3.6% to 15.7% maximum.

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