A Good Neighbour

Our desire to be a good neighbour began almost 200 years ago when we began supporting projects for the construction of water supply and sewerage systems, nursing homes, and schools. In short, we have always supported initiatives to develop local communities and help those in need, and will continue to do so.

The We Can Do More (Dokážeme víc) Community Grant Programme


In May 2019, we launched the “pilot year” of We Can Do More (Dokážeme víc). We set up this community grant programme to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, and through it we hope to support the creation of beneficial projects throughout the Czech Republic. Our aim is to inspire people to become active members of their community, promote good neighbourly relations and, through these efforts, contribute on a regular basis to the prosperity of our country. We have teamed up with the VIA Foundation to support this programme. Our own Česká Spořitelna Foundation will double the donation challenge announced on the darujme.cz portal.

In the pilot year, our employees had the chance to put forward their own projects for consideration. In all, we received 66 ideas, and out of those we chose 19 to support. The list of finalists is available on the VIA Foundation website. We will post another challenge on 17 November 2019.

Volunteering or Living Your Days Differently

Living Your Days Differently in 2018

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1 339

Every employee has the opportunity to take two days off work to focus on a good cause. In this way we help those in need and share our financial knowledge and experience with non-profit organisations.

We Promote Civic Literacy

Socially Responsible Business


We believe that different opinions, cultures, mentalities and generations lead to greater tolerance and understanding. We believe our efforts to promote these kinds of environments give us a competitive advantage. We do not tolerate discrimination at the bank. We appreciate the contribution of each and every person and respect the members of our team as unique individuals regardless of their gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, position, race, skin colour, religious affiliation, political opinion, ethnic origin, nationality or citizenship.

We care about the planet

We care about where and how we live. That is why we support innovative environmental projects and smart solutions aimed at reducing humanity’s carbon footprint. We keep sustainability in mind when making key decisions and planning.

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