Personal Overdraft Facility

„I have a regular income that is paid directly into my account at different times. A personal overdraft facility is ideal in this case.“

If the balance in your account is positive it costs you nothing

With a personal overdraft facility, you have a permanent financial reserve that is part of your account and allows you to have a negative balance on your account. If the balance in your account is positive it will cost you nothing.

Payments will be made from your account on time

Regular payments and repayments won’t wait! With the personal overdraft facility, you can rest assured that the payments will be made on time even if you don’t have sufficient funds in your account before payday. It’s better to be have a negative balance in your account than to be late with your payments!

It repays itself

With each incoming payment, the amount drawn down from the personal overdraft facility is reduced. You don’t have to worry about repayments. It’s enough to have a positive balance in your account just once a year.

How much will a personal overdraft facility cost you?

Tip: If you have a debt of for example CZK 5 000 for a period of 5 days, you pay only CZK 13.13 in interest.

What you should know about the personal overdraft facility

  • A limit ranging from CZK 1 000 to CZK 100 000 can be arranged.
  • You can arrange the overdraft facility when you set up your account.
  • You pay interest only on the amount drawn down.
  • The drawn amount is reduced automatically with each incoming payment.
  • You can use the overdraft facility again whenever the balance on your account is zero.
  • You make no regular repayments.

How to arrange


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Set the overdraft limit to your maximum regular income. As soon as your pay arrives, the balance in your account will be positive and the overdraft will be paid off.

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Frequently asked questions

You need a piece of valid identification and confirmation of income. If you are our client and your salary is sent to your account, you don’t need to submit the income confirmation.

No, you don’t. There are no regular repayments associated with the personal overdraft facility. The facility repays itself. Each incoming payment on your account reduces the negative balance on your account. You are required to have a positive balance on your account at last once every 12 months. This is considered repayment of the overdraft facility. You’ll be informed when the facility needs to be repaid.

Type of consumer credit: overdraft facility. Total amount of credit: CZK 20 000. Duration of credit: revolving. Interest rate: 18.90% p.a. Monthly payments: Not set*. Overdraft facility arrangement fee: Free of charge. Payment transaction fees**: Free of charge. Monthly maintenance fee for an account with an overdraft feature***: CZK 69. Annual percentage rate: 26.32%. Total amount due from client: CZK 21 163. The example is based on commonly provided overdraft facilities and on the assumption that the overdraft facility has been arranged alongside a Personal Account II, will be drawn down in full on the first day of the calendar month that immediately follows its establishment and paid back in full within three months of being drawn.

* There are no regular repayments required on the personal overdraft facility. Each time you repay the overdraft facility in full, a new one-year period begins to run, during which you have to repay it in full again.

**This applies to cashless credit card payments made for goods and services at a merchant. Other methods of drawing credit may be charged according to the Česká spořitelna schedule of fees.

*** The indicated fee corresponds to the fee for maintaining the Personal Account II with a personal overdraft feature. The total fee depends on the number of products (services) you have arranged with Persona Accountl II.

If you have arranged other products or services with your account, the newly arranged overdraft facility can affect this monthly fee.

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