We promote exercise for health

Health is one of the foundations of happy life. Exercise is essential for good health and a strong immune system, and we believe it ought to be a part of everyone’s day.

Doing Sport with Spořka (Sportujeme se Spořkou)

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We have long been trying to develop a passion for exercise in people, since exercise is integral to good health and a strong immune system. This is why we promote exercise in all its forms in all age groups, beginning with preschool children.

Showing children and youth that exercise is not only fun, but also important for the healthy development of their bodies and minds, is our primary goal.

Projects that we have been developing with our partners under the Doing Sport with Spořka programme offer a wide range of sports and fitness activities to suit everyone. Through these projects we have helped to get almost one million people in the Czech

Projekty Sportujeme se Spořkou

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