Our people

You can have grand buildings and state-of- the-art technologies. But the most important foundation of a company is its people. Since 1825 we've been a leading employer, providing thousands of people with an opportunity for professional advancement and to gain experience which in turn allows us to provide ever better services for our clients.

Our employees

We are one of the largest and oldest employers in the Czech Republic. We are represented by over 10 000 employees. For many of them we're a family firm, with grandma, mother and daughter all working for us. We're open to all, and for us equal opportunities are not merely empty words.

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors controls the activity of Česká spořitelna, decides on all company matters and acts in its name. It has six members, who are always elected for a four year term.

Tomáš Salomon

Tomáš Salomon

 Chairman of Board of Directors

„At the beginnings of Česká spořitelna, the idea was to teach people to manage financially, to guide them to prosperity, and thereby help the entire society. From a small building society we have gradually grown into the largest bank on the market. Nevertheless, what applied at the time of our foundation still applies to this day. To be at the head of the largest and oldest bank in the Czech Republic is an immense honour and challenge for me.“  

Tomáš has been at the head of Česká spořitelna since 2016. For most of his life he has worked in the financial sector. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Slovenská sporiteľna, and a co-founder of the company Mopet CZ. As Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, he ran GE Capital Multiservis; the retail bank of GE Capital Bank, and Poštová banka in Slovakia. He has also devoted himself to private investment projects and among other achievements initiated the creation of a platform which implemented mobile payments.

Wolfgang Schopf

Wolfgang Schopf

 Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors

„My professional word is made up mainly of numbers. I monitor the condition of Česká spořitelna from this perspective. However, I know very well that the success of a bank is determined above all by its clients. Their trust and satisfaction. And that's what interests me.“

Wolfgang has been in this position since 2013, and is responsible for the financial division. He started his career at Girozentrale und Bank der Österrechische Sparkassen, later became director of the controlling division at Erste Group Bank, and directed the Performance Management programme. He was also a lecturer at the Fachhoschule of Economics in Vienna, where he lectured in accounting.

Pavel Kráčmar

Pavel Kráčmar

 Member of the Board of Directors

„A healthy company sector is the key to higher employment, budget incomes and the prosperity of society. At Česká spořitelna we are able to help all kinds of businesses, but we focus especially on small and medium enterprises. These are the engine of the entire economy.“

Pavel has been working at Česká spořitelna since the year 2000. Currently, he is responsible for Corporate Banking and Financial Markets. In the past, he has managed trading on the financial markets, sale of financial market products to corporate and institutional clients, balance of the financial group and investment products for retail. He began his banking career at the Czech National Bank, where he worked primarily in the field of administration of currency reserves and operations on the financial market. He was also Director of the Treasury at GE Capital Bank and the Managing director of the Spořitelní investiční company.

Karel Mourek

Karel Mourek

 Member of the Board of Directors

„It's important for me for our clients to understand all of our decisions. For example, it's important that clients understand why a loan would represent a huge risk for them at a certain moment, and why we therefore can't provide one, and vice versa. And it makes no difference whether this is a young graduate or an immense corporation.“

Karel has been at the head of the Risks division since 2016, but began working at Česká spořitelna in 2001. He managed commercial centres, later he was the member of the Board of Directors responsible for Risk management at Erste Group Immorent. His career started at Creditanstalt, and he later worked in the Corporate Client division at Bank Austria Creditanstalt Czech Republic.

Daniela Pešková

Daniela Pešková

 Member of the Board of Directors

„The bank must know the client well enough to know their situation in life, and to offer appropriate advice or support according to this. We have to be capable of responding to trends and adapting to the wishes and requirements of our clients, not the other way round. And this is what's most exciting for me in my work, what I look forward to every day.“

Daniela has been the member of the Board of Directors responsible for Retail banking since 2016. Before that she managed Retail operations at the Bank, and also networks and external sales. She began in the field as a team leader for Debt recovery at GE Capital Bank. Within the framework of the GE Money group she was Operational manager of the Mortgage division of the Hungarian Budapest Bank. She subsequently became Director of the Project, procedural and organisational division of the Slovak Tatrabank.

Bohuslav Šolta

Petr Brávek

 Member of the Board of Directors

“Banking has been going through a major technological transformation in recent years. With the ascent digitisation, clients have come to expect their banks to make it possible for their customers to have all their requests resolved within a matter of minutes through a digital application not only on their computers, but, above all, in their mobile telephones. And it is up to us to make their wish come true.”

As a member of the Board of Directors of Ceska sporitelna, Petr is responsible for IT and Operations as of February 2020. He has acquired abundant experience in this area in Erste Group. In 2007, je joined Ceska sporitelna as the head of the IT Department. From 2012, he was responsible for IT and Operations at Slovenska sporitelna as a Board Member, later taking part in the development of digitisation at Erste Austria for five years. He graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague and launched his banking career in 1993 at Bank Austria Creditanstalt in Vienna. In 2009, he took on a position on the Supervisory Board of s IT Solutions Holding in Vienna. Subsequently, he held management positions at HVB in Prague, at Prague Airport, and at Ceska sporitelna.

Our Supervisory Board

Our Supervisory Board is composed of nine members. The Board has a controlling function, which resides in the supervision of company activities and the activity of the Board of Directors, whose members it can select and remove. This provides a safeguard that ensures the realisation of our strategies and targets, and that the activities of Česká spořitelna bring prosperity not only for the bank, but for the entire society.

The jurisdiction of the Supervisory Board is further delineated by our statutes.

The elected members of the Supervisory Board are Bernhard Spalt, Štefan Máj, Petr Brázda, Helena Černá, Stefan Dörfler, Zlata Gröningerová, Maximilian Hardegg, Maurizio Poletto a Aleš Veverka. In addition, Štefan Máj, Maximilian Hardegg, Zlata Gröningerová, Pavel Závitkovský a Mario Catasta are the members of Audit Committee.

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