Economic and strategic analysis

We'll help you to find investment opportunities using our forecasts and analysis.

We aim to provide you with information that will strengthen your knowledge of financial markets and economic conditions, and help you navigate the complex world of economics, politics, markets and key industries.

What we offer

Macroeconomic analysis

Our forecasts are based on a detailed analysis of the economy, socio-demographic trends and political situations, combined with an assessment of the state of the financial markets.

Share market analysis

We monitor and evaluate events on the Czech stock market as well as international markets on a daily basis. We then prepare analysis and forecasts of stocks based on this information.

EU Office / Knowledge Centre

We map current developments, trends and risks in key industries and cross-sectional areas, as well as business conditions in selected countries. We also monitor events within the EU and other relevant economic and technological developments.


We prepare written reports for you
(on a regular and ad hoc basis)

Morning recap

A summary of past and expected key events in the Czech Republic, CEE and markets in the EU and USA. Daily forecasts of currency exchange rates, overview of key data and calendar of events.

Monthly report on EU news    

A monthly report on the important events in the European Union.

Share markets – daily report

Daily analysis of share markets and overview of events on the Czech stock exchange.

Trend bulletin

Monthly report on trends in key sectors of the economy.

Special analysis

Analysis relating to current issues which are published on an ad hoc basis.

Overseas business guide

Country reports mapping the business environment beyond the Czech Republic.

If you are interested in receiving our regular reports, please don't hesitate to contact us.