„I thought I was looking for a house, but they helped me find a home.“

Repayments based on your needs

The Variable Payment feature allows you to increase or decrease your repayments by up to 30% or even suspend payments for up to 3 months.

Interest rates starting from 3.14 % per year

Our interest rates have long been some of the lowest on the market. Plus, you can choose to fix the rate or keep it variable.

Pay no arrangement or maintenance fees

You will not pay a single crown for arranging a mortgage or for its management. Moreover, our online property appraisal service is free of charge.

Draw down on your loan without unnecessary delays

You can draw down on your mortgage the day after you sign the loan agreement.

Find out how much a mortgage will cost you each month:

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Frequently asked questions

If you make your home loan repayments from the Česká spořitelna personal account you use for your day-to-day banking, we will give you a 0.5% discount off your interest rate. You will also receive a further discount of 0.1% if you take out payment protection insurance on your home loan.

You can finance a cooperative apartment using a Pre-mortgage Loan. You don’t need any other property as collateral to arrange one. Once the bank has registered its mortgage security, you will then be paying off the pre-mortgage loan through a follow-up mortgage with Česká spořitelna. This will be arranged together with the pre-mortgage loan.

The pre-mortgage loan can be used not only to purchase a cooperative apartment, but also to:

  • purchase property owned by a municipality or the State
  • transfer a cooperative apartment into personal ownership
  • purchase property at auction
  • purchase property under administration (insolvency)
  • renovations or refurbishments of property which falls within specified criteria
  • purchase property from a municipality and carry out construction, with the ownership of the property transferring to the client after the final building approval (occupancy permit) is issued
  • refinance bridge loans from other bank 

You can make use of a bridge loan. We will give you the funds you need immediately, but we are in no hurry to be paid back. We will give you up to two years to move or to build your new home, allowing you to hold out for a good price for your old home.

Representative example of bridge financing

The total amount of the loan is CZK 1,400,000. Monthly repayments are CZK 4,509 (interest only). The total number of repayments is 24 plus a one-off payment equal to the principal drawn down amount. The interest rate is fixed for two years at 3.74% per annum. The fees associated with the loan form part of the total loan costs and include:

  • administration fees of CZK 4,000 for entering and deleting the bank’s mortgage interest over the property in the land registry
  • property appraisal fee of CZK 4,400.

Loan term: two years. The annual percentage rate charged (APR) comes to  4.09% and the total amount to be repaid is CZK 1,565,564 (assuming the interest rate does not change for the entire term of the loan).

Yes, you can. Thanks to the supplementary component of the loan, you can use a portion of the loan as you wish for any home improvements. Moreover, we will provide the funds at the same advantageous interest rate that is in place for the main purpose of the loan.

You don’t have to own any property to get a mortgage. You can use the property you are buying as collateral or take advantage of a pre-mortgage loan. If the property you are purchasing is not sufficient as collateral for the mortgage you need, you may be able to use property owned by friends or relatives as collateral.

For example, parents often “lend” their family home as collateral to their children. This property need not serve as collateral for the whole term of the loan because as soon as you become the owner of the new property, or as soon as the reasons for the insufficient collateral cease to exist, you can “return” the “borrowed” property (i.e., remove the bank’s mortgage security over it) and replace it with your own property.

Our mortgage Specialist will discuss with you the documents needed to arrange a home loan. These will vary depending on the purpose of the loan, the collateral used and the applicant/s. However, these will include documentation to prove your ability to pay off the loan over the long term.

Documents demonstrating the client’s and co-borrower’s financial standing:

  • Employees – confirmation of the applicant’s and co-borrower’s (as well as their spouses’) income
  • Self-employed applicants – tax returns for the last two years, including payment confirmation of any taxes due
  • Other documents providing evidence of income, such as rental agreements to show rental income, etc.

Documents related to the property to be mortgaged (these do not have to pertain to the property being purchased):

  • An estimate of the value of the property to be mortgaged (note we can arrange a price estimate for apartments at one of our branches with our online property appraisal tool).
  • Acquisition title, e.g., purchase contract, agreement on future purchase contract, future deed of gift, restitution agreement, decision on succession (inheritance) etc.
  • An insurance policy for the property to be mortgaged
  • A copy of the cadastral map or cadastral plan (this is only for construction of new family homes) 

Before deciding to apply for a home loan, you should assess your income, expenditure and risks. Generally speaking, you should plan to take on a mortgage in view of your ability to pay the loan back. For example, you should take into account any anticipated parental or maternity leave and the associated loss of income.

Also, be sure to think about unforeseen situations. With a Česká spořitelna mortgage you can arrange payment protection insurance. This means that for a very reasonable price you can obtain peace of mind that the insurance company will take over your repayments in the event of unfortunate circumstances. This type of insurance covers most risks likely to affect your ability to make repayments and so can help you deal with life’s unforeseen situations (such as long-term illness, disability, death of a partner, loss of employment etc.).

The total amount of the loan is CZK 3,000,000. The monthly repayments are CZK 14,680 (including principal and interest). Number of repayments: 300. The interest rate is fixed for eight years at  3.24% per annum. The fees associated with the loan form part of the total loan costs and include administration fees of CZK 4,000 for entering and deleting the bank’s mortgage interest over the property in the land registry and a property appraisal fee of CZK 4,400. Loan term: 25 years. The annual percentage rate charged (APR) comes to  3.36% and the total amount to be repaid by the consumer is CZK 4,413,702 (assuming the interest rate does not change for the entire term of the loan).

Note: The representative example is for informational purposes only. It constitutes neither an offer to enter into any contract, nor an advertisement. It does not constitute a document or transaction that would oblige us to enter into a loan agreement or any other banking service agreement with you. All the calculations and data above, including information about interest rates and monthly payments, are estimates only. Final loan terms may differ depending on your credit rating and assessment of your ability to repay the loan. The terms will be set out in the pre-contractual information and in your loan agreement The loan calculator is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an offer to enter into any contract or the obligation to enter into a loan agreement or any other banking service agreement with us. The provider is not providing advice in accordance with Section 85 of Act No. 257/2016 Coll., on Consumer Credit.

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