COLUMBUS Travel Insurance

„When I go abroad I don’t like to leave anything to chance.“

Let us take care of your medical expenses

We will pay for emergency rescue services, prescribed medication, dental procedures or transport back to the Czech Republic.

Special price for children

Children up to the age of 6 enjoy free insurance when travelling with you. Children aged 6 to 18 receive an automatic discount of 50% discount on their travel insurance.

Holiday Assistance Service

If you encounter problems behind the wheel abroad, just call. We’re there to help you 24/7.

Choose an insurance option that suits you best

Tip: Arrange insurance online and receive 10% off the total fee.

How to choose the right insurance for you?

CLASSIC insurance for trips across Europe and for common injuries, such as fractures and lacerations, is sufficient. For journeys to more distant locations PLUS insurance with a limit of CZK 10 000 000 is more appropriate. No matter what, consider your expectations, risk and needs – CLASSIC insurance with its CZK 5 million limit may not be sufficient for medical procedures, extended hospital stays or accidents in the mountains.

Insure yourself against other unexpected situations

Active sports

We will insure both amateur and professional sports enthusiasts. Active sports work out to CZK 40/day and organised sports to CZK 60/day.

Accident, baggage and third-party liability insurance

Do you want the greatest amount of certainty when travelling? Combine accident insurance with baggage insurance. At the same time, we offer third-party liability insurance. All for CZK 20/day.

Short-term home insurance

Insure your property and home against vandals, the elements and burglars while you are on vacation. You can choose from several options starting from CZK 180.

Cancellation insurance

Do you have to cancel your holiday unexpectedly? The insurance covers 80% of the cancellation fee. The insurance costs 3% of the price of the trip, with the maximum price of a trip being CZK 75 000 per person.

Arrangement options


You get a 10% discount if you arrange insurance online.

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At a branch

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Our insurance helps specific people

Anna L.’s story

„I broke my leg when skiing in Austria. At the hospital they put my leg in a cast and released me. The cost of the treatment – almost CZK 25 000 – was paid for by the insurance company.“

Petra T.’s story

„I began to get stomach pains while on holiday in Egypt. They took me to the hospital in Cairo where they found out I had acute appendicitis. The cost of the operation, which rose to CZK 92 000, were covered by my travel insurance.“

Jiří S.’s story

„We went on holiday with the children to Turkey. Our daughter began to complain that she had an earache. The doctor told us it was a middle ear infection. The treatment, which cost CZK 11 000, was covered by the insurance company.“

With basic insurance, you can play football or ride a bike without any worries. However, if that’s not enough for your needs, you can arrange supplementary sports insurance.

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