Why should I have a Banking IDentity?

If you’re using or planning to use George internet banking and Česká spořitelna’s mobile apps, then Banking IDentity is intended for you. It’s used to verify your identity when you’re using the above services and apps. We’ve created it to provide you with more secure and convenient access to your data.

Using our services and apps previously required various login pages and different passwords. This meant you had to remember lots of information, which was not very convenient. Now all you need is Banking IDentity and a single login page, which is common to all new apps. It’s then easy to tell that you’re in the right place.

To summarise, with Banking IDentity:

  • Your logins will be even more secure
  • Your banking will be easier
  • You can create your own User Name
  • Your login details will be the same across all apps
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