Banking of the future that will make your life easier

George. A Name That Means Commitment

When aviation pioneer Lawrence Sperry invented autopilot and named it George, he had no idea that it would become an inspiration for our new banking system.

This invention made flying easier and safer. And that’s what the financial world is like thanks to George: banking of the future that will make your life easier.

What improvements does George have in store?

Smart searches

Smart searches

Enter a word or number related to a payment and George will find it in a second.

George in your mobile

George in your mobile

Pay, change your limit or block your card wherever you happen to be. Just download our app.

Nonstop online advisor

Nonstop online advisor

George helps you manage your money and will answer all your questions at anytime.

Higher level of security

Higher level of security

Set your own login details and change the appearance as you like.

Automatic payment sorting

Automatic payment sorting

George carefully sorts your expenditures, so you know exactly how much you’re paying and what for.

More convenient login

More convenient login

Log in and confirm payments quickly and easily with the George klíč app.

George will always be on hand. Download it for free to your mobile phone  

Would you like to get to know George better?

Take advantage of our chat and write us, or visit us at any one of our branches. We’ll be happy to get you and George acquainted.



At this time, George displays only products intended for natural persons (individuals and entrepreneurs). Accounts for legal persons (companies and corporations) will be made available as part of the new agent model currently under development.


George will place each contact that you send a payment to in the Directory for later use. You’ll then be able to quickly find the payee the next time you need to make a payment and won’t have to fill in all the details again. It’ll also be easier to search your transaction history.


The maximum limit for payments confirmed by SMS code is CZK 200,000 per day and cannot be changed. This limit is the same both for the George computer app and for the George mobile phone app.


At this time, George login details are the same as SERVIS 24 login details. You can change your password only through SERVIS 24 at

If you already have a new Banking IDentity profile, you can change your password directly in George. Just go to “Settings” and then “Profile”.

At this time, you can log in to George using the same login details as for SERVIS 24, i.e., your client number and password. During the year, we’ll be changing the login method to Banking IDentity.
More on the new Banking IDentity


SERVIS 24 will still be up and running for some time, but we’re confident that George will bring you on board quickly with its new possibilities. We plan to have all natural persons (individuals) transferred to George by the end of 2018.


We’d like to offer clients services in line with the times. We’re confident that George and its features will satisfy both modest clients and those who expect their bank to provide comprehensive and modern money management services.

George will allow you to see products you don’t own but that you have multi-channel access to and are designated agent for based on authorisation from their owner. The owner can confirm these new access rights at a branch or directly in George using the online wizard, which will be launched in May 2018. If you’re the owner’s statutory representative (such a child’s guardian), the products will be displayed automatically. If you can’t see them, it means we’re missing some important details, and you’ll need to visit a branch and provide them.  


The George app is free of charge. Transactions are then charged according to the SERVIS 24 pricelist.  

George knows how to differentiate the information automatically. You can therefore enter all the details in one field: “Account Number”. George will let you know if you’ve entered any detail in the wrong format.