Banking IDentity

Banking IDentity is used to verify your identity when using Česká spotřitelna’s telephone and internet banking services and mobile apps. It provides more secure and convenient access to your data.

Same login details

With Banking IDentity, you log in to all apps with the same login details depending on the method you choose.

New verification method

You can choose between the tradition combination of password and verification SMS or the new, even more secure verification using a mobile app or your voice.

Entirely free

You pay nothing to acquire or use Banking IDentity.

What is your Banking IDentity composed of?

User name

Instead of your original client number, you choose a user name composed of letters and numbers. You can therefore log in under your name or nickname.

Security phone number of your mobile

An integral part is your telephone number that, just like your user name, has to be unique and belong to you alone.

What methods are used to secure Banking IDentity?

It is only up to you to decide which login and payment confirmation method you wish to use:

George klíč mobile app

The George klíč mobile app is a more secure and convenient option to traditional SMS verification. You use a six-digit PIN code or fingerprint right in the app to make confirmations.

  • Highest level of security
  • Works for web and mobile apps
  • No need to copy code from SMS

Password + SMS

This is a tradition verification method intended for clients who don’t intend to use our mobile apps. You choose the password yourself and enter it each time you log in. An SMS with a verification code, which you’ll use to confirm the password, will then be sent to your mobile.

  • No need to install an app
  • Works even on older phones

Voice verification

When you call our contact centre and use our phone banking services, we’ll be able to confirm your identity by your voice. We’ll make a recording of your voice with your consent and, after that, you’ll no longer have to give a password or answer a verification question.

  • Identification only using your voice.
  • Reliable method that evaluates more than a hundred parameters of your voice

Why have we created Banking IDentity?


To enable you to use the Banking IDentity for electronic identification, first we have to register you to the National Point for Identification and Authentication (NIA). If you are not able to use the Banking IDentity we probably did not manage to verify your identity against the Residents Register (Registr obyvatel). The most frequent causes involve unsuitable proof of identity or not granted consent. Without them the Banking IDentity cannot be used.

What shall you do?

1. Check whether you presented to us an electronically readable proof of identity. Usually, it means:

  • Proof of identity issued by the Czech Republic (e.g. ID card and passport)
  • Permanent, short-term or long-term residence permit issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic 

Electronically readable proof of identity, i.e. in the form of a plastic card is required for verification of your identity.

Identification documents that probably cannot be used:

  • Driver’s licence issued by the Czech Republic 
  • Passport issued outside the Czech Republic 
  • Residence and visa stickers 
  • Certificates of permanent residence permit – an EU Citizen 
  • Temporary residence certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic

Unfortunately, we are not able to identify documents which are not electronically readable. At present we are discussing additional options for documents that are suitable for verification. Negotiations are in progress with the Ministry of Interior (Department for Asylum and Migration Policy) which issues documents for foreigners.

Therefore, in the future it should be possible also for the EU citizens living in the Czech Republic (e.g. from Slovakia, Poland, etc.) to use the Banking IDentity as the means of electronic identification.

2. Check whether your proof of identity in Mobile George or in George internet banking is current and valid.

How to do it?

  • In the upper menu of George internet banking under the cogwheel icon (Settings) click on the Contact details. 
  • Then select option Modify and display. 
  • To display all details, click on Expand more/ Expand (Zobrazit více/Rozbalit). 
  • If some details are not updated you can modify them immediately. Save the changes with the Confirm button.

3. Please check whether you have granted the so-called Consent with the use of Banking IDentity for verification at public administration and third parties in the Third Party Management application. If not, you will grant the consent by clicking. Link to the application is available in the upper menu of George internet banking under the cogwheel icon (Settings).

If everything is correct, yet you still cannot log through the Banking IDentity, call us at 800 207 207 and we will solve it together.

If you are a new client or an existing client that still hasn’t set up George or Business 24 internet banking, you can set up your Banking IDentity at any branch by signing a Banking IDentity contract.
Arrange branch appointment online.


You’ll need to present your personal ID card when setting up your Banking IDentity at a branch.

If you’d like to set up a Banking IDentity for someone else (your child; someone you’re providing care to), then you’ll have to present a valid document authorising you to act on behalf of person that you’re setting up the Banking IDentity for in addition to your personal ID card.


You likely know the term Client Number from our previous internetbankingSERVIS 24 or Business 24. This is a ten-digit numerical code assigned to you when setting up SERVIS 24 or Business 24. It’s used to log in to these services. With the transition to Banking IDentity and George, we’re introducing User Names. It’s up to you to choose your User Name. The only condition is that it be unique.

All SERVIS 24 users transferred to the new George internet banking service will retain their ten-digit Client Number. After the transfer, they’ll be able to change this number at any time to something easier for them to remember.


Like all your other Banking IDentity settings, you can easily manage your User Name using the IDentity Manager web app.

To change your User Name:

  • Log in to the IDentity Manager using your User Name and security method. If you’re already logged in to George internet banking, open the “Settings” menu and click on the “Profile” option.
  • Go to the “User Information” section.
  • Click the “Modify Information” button.
  • Enter your new User Name in the “User Name” field and click on the “Save” button.
  • Confirm the change of your security method according to the instructions on screen.
  • Your User Name has been changed! Use it each time you log in to George internet banking or other apps.

You’ll need the Activation Code to:

  • Activate security methods
  • Unblock security methods
  • Reset passwords
  • Increase the security method daily limit

If you’re unable to log in to our George internet banking or other app:

  • Check if your User Name has been set up. If you don’t have one, use your ten-digit Client Number instead.
  • Check that you’re entering your User Name correctly and that it doesn’t contain invalid characters or spaces. If you forget your password, use the password resetting procedure.
  • Check that the phone or tablet running the George klíč app is connected to the internet. If you’re not connected or unable to connect, use the option to log in through the George klíč app without connecting to the internet.
  • Check that you’re entering your 6-digit PIN correctly (or that you’re using the correct fingerprint).
  • Check that you have on hand the phone with your security phone number that the SMS message with the Verification Code for login confirmation should be sent to.
  • If your Banking IDentity is temporarily or permanently blocked, follow the instructions on the login page.
  • If you’re unable to log in to George mobile banking, make sure that the George klíč app is also installed and activated on your phone or tablet.
  • If you already have your Banking IDentity but have blocked the login security method, generate an Activation Code at any ČS ATM or branch to unblock it.

If the above suggestions don’t help, please contact us at 800 207 207.


You have to activate the app before you can use it:

  • Download the George klíč from Google Play or App Store,
  • Open the app and select "Activate",
  • Enter your User Name and the Activation Code you received form a Česká spořitelna branch or ATM.
  • Enter the Control Code sent via SMS to the security phone number you selected at a branch.
  • Choose a 6-digit PIN that’s easy to remember but not easy to guess.

You can close the app without worry. The app will launch by itself when something needs to be confirmed.


You can install the George klíč app on a smart phone or tablet with the following operating systems:

  • Android version 4.4. and higher
  • iOS version 9 and higher

Careful! You can only install the app on an operating system that is not unlocked (Root or Jailbreak).


When you log in to George internet banking with your Banking IDentity, you’ll be asked to activate your security method.

  • Choose “Password+SMS” and press the “Activate” button.
  • Enter the valid Activation Code that you received when setting up your Banking IDentity.
  • Copy the Control Code sent via SMS to your security phone number.
  • Create a password that you’ll be using to log in to George internet banking and other apps.

Changing your password is easy in the IDentity Manager web app. To change your password:

  • Log in to the IDentity Manager using your User Name and security method. If you’re already logged in to George internet banking, open the “Settings” menu and click on the “Profile” option.
  • Click on “Change” beside “Security method”.
  • In “Security method settings” on the “Password+SMS” card, select Change password.
  • Enter your current password.
  • Enter your new password..
  • Enter the new password again.
  • Press the “Done” button.

Yes, the logging to applications through the Banking IDentity of Česká spořitelna a.s. is user-friendly for those visually impaired as well as those who are blind. More information on accessibility of the websites and applications is available here