What is Banking IDentity?

User Name

You can select a User Name consisting of letters and numerals. Instead of the original Client Number you can thus log in with your name or a nickname. Unless someone else already chose the same login name.

Security mobile phone number

Your security phone number will be assigned to your User Name. This phone number must be unique and you must be the only owner of this number.

What does the Banking IDentity bring to you?

  • Even more secure login 
  • Easier work with your banking 
  • Possibility to set up your own User Name 
  • The same login details for all applications 
  • Possibility to log into the Citizen’s Portal (Portál Občana) and to other third party applications

Why we do it?

Protection of your data is our priority. Therefore we have improved one of its most important elements – and this is the verification of client’s identity. We managed so well that now we can offer to you not only higher security but also exceptional user-friendliness.

How much is it?

The Banking IDentity required considerable effort from us however we do not regret it at all. It will not cost you anything – naturally, the Banking IDentity is available for you for free. It is your satisfaction that really matters.

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