What is Banking IDentity?

Banking IDentity is used to verify your identity when using Česká spořitelna’s telephone and internet banking services and mobile banking apps. We created it to provide you with even more secure and convenient access to your data. To put it simply, Banking IDentity combined with a Security Method will make sure that it is you and no one else logging in or giving authorisations.

What constitutes Banking IDentity?

User Name

Now you can choose a User Name composed of letters and numbers. Instead of the original Client Number, you can now log in using your name or a nick, provided no one has chosen the same login name before you of course.

Security mobile phone number

Your security mobile phone number will be assigned to your User Name. Just like your User Name, the chosen phone number has to be unique and has to belong just to you.

What are the benefits of Banking IDentity for you?

  • Logins are even more secure.
  • Your banking is easier.
  • You can create your own User Name.
  • Login details are the same for all apps.

What do the same login details for all apps mean?

Previously, using our services and apps meant different login pages and different login details. You therefore had to remember lots of information, which was not very convenient.

Now all that’s needed is your Banking IDentity and a single login page, which is the same for all our new apps. It’ll always be easy to tell you’re in the right place.

Why are we doing it?

Protecting your data is our priority. That’s why we’ve improved one of the most important aspects: client identity verification. We can now offer you not only greater security, but also incomparably greater comfort.

How much is it?

Banking IDentity took a lot of effort on our part, but we don’t regret it in the least. It’ll cost you nothing: Banking IDentity is free. Your satisfaction is what’s most important of course.

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