Account with the My Healthy Finances service

„Rather than an account, it’s a complete financial manager for my finances.”

All transactions at no extra charge

You pay no account maintenance fee. Incoming and outgoing payments are also free of charge. You also pay no fee for withdrawals from our more than 1600 ATMs, the greatest number operated by any bank in the Czech Republic.

Smart online overview

Thanks to internet banking, you always have a perfect overview of your finances whenever you feel like it. Two-thirds of our clients save up to CZK 500 per month thanks to this service.

Comfort and availability

We have the widest branch network of any bank, which means your banker is always nearby. You can also manage your account from anywhere in the world through our online banking service.

Is your account at a different bank and you’d like to move it to Česká spořitelna?

The account is part of the My Healthy Finances service.

Open an account and pay nothing for:

  • Account maintenance
  • Incoming payments
  • Debit card
  • Withdrawals from ČS ATMs
  • Personal overdraft facility
  • Electronically submitted outgoing payments
  • George internet and mobile banking

The more you use the My Healthy Finances service, the less you pay

Fee with both bonuses:


Fee with one bonus:

CZK 50

Fee with no bonuses:

CZK 100

  • Bonus for using your account
    You deposit at least CZK 7 000 into your account each month and make at least one payment with your card.
  • Bonus for using other Česká spořitelna services
    You use one of our other products.


Personal banker services

Personal banker services

Someone who knows your actual situation is there to help you. Your banker will always find the right solution to meet your needs and expectations. You now have someone you can turn to and trust whenever the need arises.

Savings on expenditures

Savings on expenditures

The My Healthy Finances service gives you a smart overview of your expenditures, so you see exactly where your money goes most often. Set up your account and services correctly, and you will be in a good position to find out where and how to save.

Savings on energy

Savings on energy

Perhaps you’re paying more than you should. We can arrange better prices with our partners and help you reduce your utility bills. You will save more and without unnecessary commitments.

Two accounts free of charge

Two accounts free of charge

We’ll give you one account with the My Healthy Finances service and a second one for free as a gift. You can either keep it for yourself or give it to someone you know – perhaps to someone who would like their finances to be as healthy as yours.

Access your account from anywhere in the world, 24/7

Internetové a mobilní bankovnictví
  • Internet banking
    You can make payments and manage your spending anytime, anywhere.
  • Mobile banking
    You can manage your account from your mobile phone.
  • Friends24 app
    It will help you to pay back your friends easily even if you don’t know their account numbers.

Tip: Leave your worries behind when you travel. Arrange travel insurance with your account starting from just CZK 35 per month. Now you can get it for three months at no charge!

Debit card or sticker depending on your needs

  • Contlactless payments
  • Secure online payments
  • The most-accessible ATM network for deposits and withdrawals
  • Easy withdrawals with sticker at shops
    Cashback up to CZK 1500 upon a minimum payment of CZK 300
  • Choose an original look for your card
Debetní karta a nálepka

How to arrange

Zavoláme vám

By telephone

Leave your contact details and we'll call you as soon as possible.

Zavoláme vám

At a branch

Search for Česká spořitelna branch in your area.

Other accounts that may be of interest to you

Frequently asked questions

If you don’t have an account, we can’t provide complete advisory. Only by seeing your transactions can we sort them, and you don’t have to do any home accounting.

Transferring your account to us is easy and you don’t have to deal with any red tape: we’ll do everything for you.

  • Visit one of our branches. You don’t need to inform your bank that you are closing your account: we will make all the arrangements on your behalf.
  • We will fill in the Payment Account Change Request together.
  • We will get in touch with your bank and arrange all the necessary changes. We will transfer your standing orders, direct debit authorisations and SIPO (direct debit of multiple payments).
  • Inform any parties you need to that your account has changed.
  • The process takes 13 business days to complete.

When opening an account at a branch, all you need to have with you is a piece of valid identification, such as your personal ID card. If you open your account online, you will need two pieces of valid identification and an account.

Yes, electronic statements are free of charge.

You will receive the loyalty bonus if you:

  • use one of our following products: a supplementary annuity scheme, supplementary retirement savings or FLEXI life insurance;
  • make regular investments and timely loan, car, mortgage, building savings or credit card repayments;
  • use the Money on Click service; or
  • have a Maxi or Classic business account 

Important documents

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