Social Economy is at its Rise


Over 200 enterprises across the regions of the Czech Republic have demonstrated that it is possible to do business, make money, and, at the same time, help both individuals and nature in the region. Yet this does not involve any charity.

You do business as anyone else 

A social enterprise is neither a charity nor a sheltered workshop. There is no piloting involved, these enterprises represent real labour market. The essential prerequisite is to be a private law entity, which ensures that the social enterprise's autonomy is maintained. Doing business in a particular location involves also interest in local development. Where the enterprise is established, where employs people, develops and sells products, the region is being quite naturally developed.

Triple-Win British Model 

The principles of social economy and social entrepreneurship are based upon the idea of the “triple bottom line”. A social enterprise may hence be only a company that adheres to this triple bottom line or triple-win and shows people that it is focused not only on the economic aspects of entrepreneurship, but also upon the environment and social capital. The triple bottom line model has been established by British businessman John Elkington. He defined the 3P formulation for companies: people, planet, and profits.

Do you like this triple-win idea? What are the ways to establish or transform a company/organisation to a social enterprise then?

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You need to stick to the following three principles:

  • Your activities have to be beneficial for the society or the environment. 
  • Play an indispensable role in local development and give a chance to the medically, socially or culturally disadvantaged.
  • Thereafter, use most of the profit for further development of your social enterprise or for the fulfilment of predefined social activities.

It has its own risks, but that is part of any business.
It requires courage, perseverance, and one's own viewpoints and expertise.

After the list of what a social enterprise is or is not, here comes the most important element: colleagues and employees. Even if you might be concerned about employing persons from vulnerable groups on the labour market, you can still pick and choose and eventually may be pleasantly surprised.

Form your own opinion and gain your own actual experience and stick to this. Not everybody who was not able to get a job is a desperate, struck out employee. Check the current situation in the location where you operate. Join other entrepreneurs from Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, Britain, and Belgium and other European social entrepreneurship top players. They also had to start somewhere and develop just as you do. 

Did you know that you have already been purchasing or using the services of a social entrepreneur?

The names and business lines of some social enterprises may surprise you. Perhaps there are social enterprises operating also in your area. There are currently more than 200 of them in the Czech Republic. The final customer may drink coffee in a social café or have their office cleaned by a social enterprise. Or drink cider from the fields of a social company at a festival. Do you enjoy and are you happy with the services you pay for? Perhaps they come from a social enterprise from your town. All you have to do is look at the social enterprise directory.