Social banking

„Even social enterprises have to generate a profit.”

Thanks to our experience of working with the non-profit sector, we're able to understand your requirements and we'll help you find a solution in the world of banking. We provide suitably adapted services, development programmes, mentoring and much more.


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“Social enterprise is a combination of two worlds, which must mutually complement one another. It's a service for the community which at the same time is economically sustainable and need not only be charity. Even a social enterprise has to generate a profit.”

Says Roman Hajšman, director of the Možnosti tu jsou foundation, which receives assistance in the sphere of finances from our specialised advisors. We'd be happy to help you too through our Social Banking services.

“Going forward, we cannot rely just on financing from the regions and municipalities. Social entrepreneurship, i.e., generating profit that will contribute to running our social services, will help us become financially independent. That is a challenge that is just as big as making outsiders valid members of society.” 

Says Lubomír Šlapka, CEO of the Most k naději (Bridge to Hope) civil association, which receives financial advice from our specialised advisors.

Social banking

We created the Social Banking service for organisations that employ or work with the following groups of people and those that provide services to them:

  • People with health disabilities - mental, physical, combined and other.
  • Socially disadvantaged people - e.g. from socially excluded geographical locations, those who are battling with addictions, the homeless, those recently released from incarceration, young adults from children's homes, single parents with dependent children, senior citizens living alone and isolated senior couples.
  • People facing other difficulties with employment – in the age group of 55+, unemployed for more than 12 months, mothers/fathers after parental
  • Projects focused on positive environmental change

New financing with the European Investment Fund guarantee

You can use following products and services

  • Operational financing
  • Investment loan
  • Pre-financing of approved grants
  • Customized advisory and consulting
  • Organization training and mentoring
  • Acceleration programs

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