My Healthy Finances

„I had no idea how much money I was throwing away.“

Obtain more than just an account with the My Health Finances service

Your own advisor

You will have your own advisor who understands your situation and who actively monitors where they can help you: you have unexpected outlays, you are starting a new family or you are planning to buy a home.

Overview of spending online

Two thirds of users are able to save about CZK 500 a month on average by having a better overview of their expenditure. Try it yourself: it’s easy.

Two fully-featured accounts

A good account is the foundation, and we will give you two such accounts – for free. You keep one and you can give the second to someone else.

Savings on gas and electricity

We have negotiated better prices and, moreover, without any commitments. Check your gas and electricity bills to see if you aren’t spending too much.


688 961

people now use My Healthy Finances

By doing this households

975 million CZK

have saved over

My Healthy Finances are worth it

Basic price excluding bonuses CZK 100
Bonus for use of account
(income into account of at least CZK 7 000 and one payment by card)  
CZK -50
Loyalty bonus
(use of one of our products)  
CZK -50
Fee including bonuses CZK 0

For students, the fee is CZK 0 while studying and two years after.
For seniors, the basic fee is CZK 50. All you need is one bonus and the account is free.

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How can the My Healthy Finances service help me to save?

Michal Z.

Radiologist, 26

"Our rent was high and we thought there was no way we could get our own home. Our branch showed us that was not the case."

Thanks to the My Health Finance service, his annual savings were:

CZK 12 360

  • CZK 600 on account fees thanks to the loyalty bonus
  • CZK 4 800 thanks to thorough monitoring of his spending
  • CZK 6 000 thanks to moving into his own apartment
  • CZK 960 on his electricity bill

Frequently asked questions

If you don’t have an account, we can’t provide complete advisory. Only by seeing your transactions can we sort them, and you don’t have to do any home accounting.

Yes, you can.

Yes, it does.

Any family members or friends over the age of 18. We have other special accounts for children and youth.

No, you won’t. A non-financial service specialist or operator from the company Energie ČS will arrange everything on your behalf.

No, you don’t. It’s a feature of internet banking, i.e., our current SERVIS 24 or the new pilot service George.

You'll receive a loyalty bonus upon use of one of the following products – pension or supplementary pension saving, FLEXI life insurance. If you regularly invest, pay off loan instalments or auto leasing, a mortgage or loan on building savings, use a credit card, use the Money at a Click service or have a Maxi or Classic business account.

Important documents

Energie ČS

Suppliers of non-financial services provide our clients with their products and services at discount prices as part of the My Health Finances service. At present this is the supplier of electrical energy and gas, the company Energie ČS, a.s., the subsidiary company of Česká spořitelna, a.s.