SERVIS 24 Mobile bank

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This app will help you to:

  • see the current status of your accounts, credit cards, overdraft and loans
  • find branches and ATMs
  • see your payment history
  • allow you to change your transaction limits and block or unblock cards
  • pay with QR codes and scan postal orders
  • arrange loans in a few minutes

> 250 000

of you already use the app

CZK 1.3 billion 

sent monthly by mobile

Frequently asked questions

Yes, anyone can use the app, even if they're not a Česká spořitelna client. Anyone can search for the nearest branch or ATM, including the route. However, to manage finances users must be registered for SERVIS 24 Internet banking, where a password for the app can be obtained.

IOS: Settings > General > Information in your device.
Android: Settings > About device > Android version.

The app is free to activate, download and update. Domestic payments are charged as per the current fees and charges of SERVIS 24 Internet banking. Data transmissions are charged according to the tariff of your mobile operator.

The app is as secure as SERVIS 24 Internet banking. The security features we use are:

  • Encrypted communication between the bank and smartphone.
  • A password for mobile bank, which you can change at any time.
  • The app will automatically log out if there is any sharp movement, e.g. during running.
  • The app will automatically log you out after a set period of inactivity.
  • Transaction amounts are limited to a maximum of CZK 30 000 per day and CZK 200 000 per month.

Naturally, it's also important to ensure you are securely using your smartphone, i.e. don’t install an operating system which is not supplied by the manufacturer, don’t install an app from sources other than the official markets for iOS or Android, and don’t leave your smartphone unattended or lend it to third parties 

No, the mobile app doesn't require this because it uses a different type of safeguarding. The security of Internet banking consists in the fact that transactions are entered on one device and SMS authorisations are sent to another device. This two-factor principle isn't possible with a mobile device. Furthermore, the need to enter authorisation SMS messages wouldn't be user-friendly.

For your protection, the daily limit in SERVIS 24 Mobile bank is set at CZK 30 000, and to a maximum of CZK 200 000 per calendar month. It is not possible to adjust these limits.

Yes, it's possible to use a number of devices. For example, you could use it on both a mobile phone and a tablet.

If you block all SERVIS 24 services then for security reasons access to the mobile app is also blocked. In the event of an attempt to log in to the app, a notification will appear. Log in will be re-enabled after access to SERVIS 24 services is unblocked.

If your client number changes you will need to log in to SERVIS 24 Internet banking, deactivate mobile bank and then perform a new activation. Over the telephone proceed as you did the first time you logged in.

  • In SERVIS 24 Internet banking go to the section Settings / Mobile bank / Deactivate
  • With the aid of a telephone banker on helpline 956 777 95

If your access to the app has been blocked due to three failed login attempts, log in to Internet banking and on the tab Settings / Mobile bank create a new password for mobile bank. In the app proceed as you did the first time you logged in, i.e. enter your client number, mobile bank password and the new one-off activation code you will be sent.

Yes, it's possible to create profiles for more than one user on the same device. When you create a new profile you will need to activate the user via SERVIS 24 Internet banking, generate a password for mobile bank and a one-off code. You can also name individual profiles and attach an image or photo in order to more easily deal with multiple app users.

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