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The app that gives you a bank in your pocket

George Go


Your handy travelling companion

With the George app in your mobile, you can now have access to your bank and control of your finances at hand at all times. On the way to work, on holiday... basically anywhere. Try it out for yourself, simply download the app and log in using the same details you currently use for SERVIS 24 Internet banking.

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George Go

A practical companion

The graphics are top quality. And no doubt you’ll appreciate the user-friendly interface, especially when travelling. It is intuitive to use even without a manual.

Ready and available for you to manage your finances

Check your balance and send payments, wherever you are. The first version of mobile George already offers all the basic functions you expect from a mobile app, and we'll be adding more progressively over time.

Already full of pleasant surprises, and we’ve only just begun

  • Mobile George shows you the products you have at Česká spořitelna (including your everyday and savings accounts, loans, credit and debit cards).
  • You can use it to make any domestic payment.
  • It displays your transaction history and will allow you to easily find what you're looking for. You can even attach documents to payments. For example, you can attach a bill or concert ticket to a specific payment so you won’t lose it :-).
  • You can manage your cards as you wish - simply set the limits or block your cards if you can't find them.
  • You can send information about your account by email or you can create your own QR code via “Pay me the set amount”.
  • Use the same directory as with George.
  • You can customise the app to your preferences - even including colours, names and images.
George Go

You can get it as soon as you want

George Go App

Simply download mobile George as you do with any other app. For Android in Google Play, for Apple in the App Store. Find mobile George with the British flag and it's yours to download straight away. And if there's any problem, contact us on

Servis 24 Internet Banking

How to log in

Logging in is simple. First you need to have log in details set up for SERVIS 24 Internet banking. You will use these same details to log in to George. Then, log in to the mobile George app by entering your client number and password. We will then send you a Verification code in an SMS message. Enter the code to complete your registration. After you have successfully registered and accepted the terms and conditions, you’ll have the option to choose how you want to log in in the future. You can choose to log in with a gesture, PIN or fingerprint (depending on what your telephone supports). Payments up to a limit of CZK 10 000 (or CZK 30 000 per day) don't require an SMS code, payments above this limit need to be confirmed with an SMS authorisation code, the same way as in George.

Frequently asked questions

The operating system iOS will tell you when you select Settings / General / Information in your device. In Android select Settings / About telephone (information).

Mobile George is a mobile version of George and basically offers all the features and functionality you need to conveniently manage your finances, wherever you are.

It’s easy! First of all download the app to your phone. Then, in order to log in for the first time enter the client number and password that you use to log in to SERVIS 24 Internet banking. We will then send you an SMS with an authorisation code. Enter this code and then choose how you want to log in in the future. Depending on what your smartphone can support, you can choose to log in with a gesture, PIN or fingerprint. The next time you log in you’ll need to use whichever method you’ve selected. You can of course change this at any time.

It gives you a clear view of the state of your accounts, anytime and anywhere. For example, when you're on holiday you can easily check your accounts in case you’re worried you might have forgotten to pay your rent before you left. With a couple of clicks you’ll be able to make payments, set the limits for card payment according to how much you want to spend, or immediately block your card in the event of loss or theft. And you can unblock it again just as easily if you find it by chance where you least expected. So far, this is the first, pilot version, but we'll be progressively adding new features and functions over time. For example, soon there will be brand new investment account features.

The maximum payment limit upon confirmation by SMS authorisation code is set to CZK 200 000 per day, and this cannot be changed. This limit is the same for mobile George and George services. Payments of up to CZK 10 000 (or up to a total of CZK 30 000 per day) don't require confirmation by SMS authorisation code.

Yes, you can. But it would be a shame to not take a look at George :-). Unlike SERVIS 24 Mobile bank, mobile George is entirely independent of “Big George”. However, for the current pilot version you must have active login details for 24.

It’s free to download and use the app. We then charge any applicable fees for domestic payments according to the bank’s current schedule of fees, or according to the settings for the services you currently have available. Data transmissions are charged according to the tariff of your internet service provider.

In iOS you can change the current login method or set up a new one by selecting Settings, and then Change security settings. For Android go to Settings, then Restore original settings, and then when you re-register you will be able to select a new login method.

You can use mobile George anywhere in the world on smartphones with the operating systems iOS 10.3.3 and higher, or Android version 4.4 and higher.

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