SERVIS 24 Internet banking

Make payments and have an overview of your accounts easily, from the comfort of your home or office. Whether you're in the Czech Republic or abroad, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SERVIS 24 Internet Banking is ending and will be replaced by George

During 2018, SERVIS 24 will gradually be phased out and clients transferred to our new internet banking service George: a modern digital environment for managing personal, family and business finances.

There’s no need to worry. You’ll be able to find all your standing orders, templates and user settings – just as you’re accustomed – in the new banking service.

As part of the transition to George, we’ll set up a new and more secure login method for you called Banking IDentity.


Internet banking enables you to

  • perform everyday banking activities (e.g. payments, check account transactions, display electronic statements for the last 24 months),
  • arrange a loan, overdraft, payment card or insurance,
  • top up prepaid cards of mobile operators,
  • arrange card services (change card payment limits over the internet and ATM cash withdrawals, activate cards, order debit and credit cards, block/unblock cards and order replacements),
  • receive and pay invoices, insurance and postal orders electronically via e-invoice.

Information about the transition from SERVIS 24 to George

is Česká spořitelna doing it?

Simply to offer you a banking service with everything you wished for: immediate overview of all our products, easy control over payments, easy-to-search history and a handy overview of expenditures.

do I have to do?

Just wait for the message we’ll be sending to your internet banking with all the specifics about the transition to George.

will the change take place?

We’ll be transferring clients to the new George banking service during the course this year. Your turn will come up in the coming months.


  • You’re probably using George as part of its pilot operations.
  • To transfer completely to the new banking system, you have to close the original SERVIS 24 and set up new login details (Banking IDentity).
  • You’ll soon find complete instructions on how to proceed in your internet banking.
  • We’ll inform you in time about the specific date that your SERVIS 24 will close. You’ll also receive a complete set of instructions on how to proceed. You’ll find them in your internet banking.
  • There’s no need to worry. All settings, templates and even payments – just as you’re accustomed to – will be available in George as well.
  • The transition to the new banking system is fast and simple.
  • You can try out the new George internet banking system even with your original login details.
  • Alternatively, you can stop by any branch, where they’ll be happy to advise you how to begin using internet banking.
  • We’ll inform you in time about the exact date when we’ll be closing your original SERVIS 24.

Our advisors from the contact centre will inform you in time exactly how the change will be taking place.

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Frequently asked questions

You can sign up for SERVIS 24 in person at any branch of Česká spořitelna. It's also possible to pre-arrange the service over the phone via the free telephone number 800 207 207. In this case a contract will be prepared and sent to you. You can sign it and return it by post, or it can be sent to a selected branch of Česká spořitelna, where you can sign it in person.

In order to set up SERVIS 24 you must hold an everyday or Giro account and be aged 15 years or over.

Note: You don’t need to have to have an everyday or Giro account in order to set up SERVIS 24 – START!

Yes. SERVIS 24 is available to companies as well as individual citizens and the self-employed.

It is free to set up SERVIS 24.

The monthly fee will be charged only once, even if you have multiple connected Giro accounts. The same also applies to everyday accounts.

The amount of the fee is not affected by the channels you use to manage your accounts, whether it is via a branch, over the phone, online or via an app.

In addition, this service brings a financial advantage to your everyday and/or Giro account in the amount of the fee for account administration and management, as well as low fees for the selected transactions.

Yes. The account holder may grant authorisation to access SERVIS 24 to any chosen number of proxies.

Any existing client of Česká spořitelna may become a proxy for SERVIS 24 (the proxy must at minimum have a sample signature registered at one of our branches).

SERVIS 24 is safeguarded as standard with the same security features as per direct banking, which are:

  • client number,
  • password (especially for telebanking and internet banking),
  • bank PIN, and
  • security code.

You have the option to use higher types of security, such as:

  • a client certificate – a set of data stored on chip card, with which the user of SERVIS 24 can be clearly identified, or their transaction authorised, by means of the scanner attached to the computer,
  • authorisation SMS – an SMS message sent to your mobile telephone containing an authorisation code to authorise transactions over the limit entered via SERVIS 24 Internet banking,
  • a login SMS – an SMS message sent to your mobile telephone containing a login code to supplement your Internet banking password.

    You can request a client certificate for SERVIS 24 either when arranging the service or at any time later, but only via a branch of ČS. You can set the mobile phone number for receipt of authorisation SMS messages either when arranging the service or at any time later, but only via any one of our business branches.

Further additional security features are:

  • a graphic keyboard – a keyboard located on the login screen of the internet banking app and also on the screen where you can change your password,
  • the option to change your Telebanking and Internet banking passwords,
  • the option to change your daily limit amount,
  • the option to choose a higher level of security features,
  • the option send account information via SMS messages
  • the possibility to actively use and combine security features (such as change of password, adjustment of limit, SMS messages about transactions received by Bank, use of authentication calculator, client certificate or authorisation SMS),
  • all communication conducted via SERVIS 24 is recorded and archived.

Since 16 June 2008 it has been possible to set or change the telephone number for sending authorisation SMS messages only at branches of Česká spořitelna. Via this measure we protect our clients against misuse of login data and fraudulent transactions.

Banks are facing new types of attacks on internet banking constantly, so we must respond to them flexibly in order to ensure maximum security of our services for our clients. This is why security is an absolute priority for us, and this is why this procedure is in place. It is a security measure designed to protect you and your assets.

SERVIS 24 – START is a simpler version of SERVIS 24. It is designed for clients who only use Česká spořitelna Financial group products (e.g. investment accounts, savings or credit accounts, building savings, pension or life insurance) and do not hold an everyday or Giro account at the Bank. Alternatively, it is for those clients who do hold accounts but don’t wish to perform active operations.

Clients can use SERVIS 24 – START to perform selected services and operations. Transactions which are not available to users of SERVIS 24 – START are displayed in a different colour in the application SERVIS 24 Internet banking.

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