We support social entrepreneurship

Do you operate a social enterprise or are you a non-governmental organisation?

If the society or the environment benefit from your services, you no longer need to depend solely on subsidies.

Česká spořitelna's operating and investment loans may be obtained with a guarantee of the European Investment Fund.

Who is the recipient of the service?

The key element distinguishing a social enterprise from other ones is its purpose. If the primary purpose of the particular company is to create a social impact (such as addressing a social problem or a problem affecting the environment) instead of being exclusively profit-oriented, then the company may be considered a social enterprise.

The social economy principle is fulfilled:

  • If the services or goods are primarily intended for the vulnerable or socially excluded or if these people are the employees of the enterprise
  • If the services are of a preventive nature, such as services in the sphere of pre-school education and care, health sciences and prevention of diseases, lifelong education, sustainable development, or integration into the labour market

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