Insurance of Personal Belongings and Cards

„I haven’t given it much thought before. But they are the most valuable things I have.“

Certainty around the world

The insurance is valid at home and abroad. You will receive the benefit no matter where the insured event occurred.

No worries if your card is lost or stolen

The insurance will protect you against the unauthorised use of your payment card if it is lost or stolen. It also covers unauthorised PIN-less or online transactions.

Compensation for stolen items

With Insurance of Personal Belonging and Cards you’ll get back what you lost.

Our insurance will help you in these situations the world over:

  • If you lose your card and documentation
  • If you lose your keys, glasses
  • If you lose your mobile phone, notebook, camera
  • If you are mugged
  • If your cottage or car is burglarised

Choose an option that suits you best

Do you have a Personal Account or credit card with us? Arrange insurance that becomes valid at midnight the same day.

Tip: You can also arrange insurance for your children of they have an account with us.

Arrangement options

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By telephone

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as soon as possible.

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At a branch

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