Google Pay

Apple Pay Česká spořitelna

Leave your wallet at home. Use Google Pay on your mobile instead!

PPaying in stores and online has never been easier. Add your Česká spořitelna card to Google Pay and make payments using your Android smartphone at contactless payment terminals or at online merchants that support Google Pay.

What you’ll need

Platební karty

A Visa or Mastercard payment card
List of supported cards

Platební karty

An Android mobile phone 
with the 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system or higher and the Google Pay app installed.

How to add a card to Google Pay

How to pay in store

  • For payments under CZK 500,simply light up the screen on your device and tap the back of the phone against the payment terminal. You can do a maximum of three payments this way before being required to verify the payment by logging in to your phone.
  • For payments of CZK 500 and above, you must log in to your phone. Unlock your screen using a PIN, gesture or fingerprint and then tap your phone against the payment terminal.

You can use Google Pay to pay anywhere you see one of these symbols:

Apple Pay Contactless


  • Visa Gold
  • Visa Infinite kreditní
  • Visa Infinite debetní
  • Visa Classic
  • Visa Business Gold
  • Visa Gold Charge
  • Visa Business Charge
  • Visa Business
  • MC Standard
  • MC World Elite
  • MC Gold
  • MC Business
  • MC Kreditní karta (nová kreditka)
  • MC kreditní - World ČS
  • MC Standard kreditní - Chytrá karta ČS
  • MC Standard kreditní - Odměna ČS
  • MC Standard kreditní - Chytrá karta ČS Gold
  • MC Standard kreditní - Penzijní karta ČS
  • MC Karta VIG kreditní
  • Kredit+ MC Business
  • Maestro předplacená služební - cestovní
  • Maestro předplacená soukromá - transferová

Mobile phones with the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system or higher. Smart watches are not supported in the Czech Republic. 

No, an internet connection is not required.

  • When making a payment under CZK 500, all you need to do is light up your screen and the payment is complete. Three consecutive payments can be made this way without verifying your identity on your phone. If you do verify your identity, then the number of possibilities for payment without verification is set to three automatically.
  • When making a payment of CZK 500 or more, you will always be required to verify your identity on your phone via your PIN or fingerprint.

Follow Google instructions or call 800 207 207 toll free and request to have your digital card blocked on all your devices.  

Yes, you can withdraw cash at a contactless ATM using Google Pay. When making a withdrawal, you will need to enter the PIN for your physical card at the ATM.

When paying at a point of sale, you do not enter your PIN into the terminal, as verification takes place on the phone. In exceptional cases however, the terminal may ask you to enter your PIN. In such cases, enter the same PIN you use when paying with your physical card.

Yes, you can pay at all contactless terminals not only in the Czech Republic but abroad as well. You do not need to have roaming activated.

Yes, they are. Verification is required for payments exceeding CZK 500, the same as in the case of contactless payment cards. You can carry out verification by logging into your phone using a PIN, gesture or fingerprint. Your credit card number does not appear anywhere when shopping, so it cannot be misused.

Yes, a payment will be displayed in George as if it were a payment made using a physical card. You can also view the transaction history in the Google Pay app. 

For payments made with Google Pay, the same limits apply as those you set for your physical card when you register for Google Pay; however, the maximum daily limit is CZK 100,000.

Using the card on your mobile phone online is possible only at a merchant that supports Google Pay. In such cases, you need to enter your card details on the store’s checkout page. Simply select the Google Pay option and the payment will be completed automatically.