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My Status is ending on 16 September

You can continue to check your finances using the George application which replaces the Můj stav application. George is also able to send mobile notifications of payments made and thanks to the simple login using a fingerprint and confirmation of transactions via the George klíč application, it guarantees the security of your finances.

You can download the George application in Google Play or in App Store:

Frequently asked questions

Application My Status no longer meets the market and clients’ demands regarding modern banking application. Our new and secure George mobile banking app offers all the essential functions, such as information messages about movements on the account or an overview of account balances – and thus it can replace My Status application

My Status application is replaced by George mobile banking app. George offers not only the overview of balances on your accounts, transaction history and push notifications – there is much more. Instructions for downloading George are available here.

You can simply uninstall My Status application from your mobile phone. No need to do anything else.

You can download George to mobile phone from Google Play (for a phone with the Android operating system) or from App Store (for a phone with the iOS operating system).For the first login follow the instructions below. Open the application from the mobile workspace and enter your client ID or your user name and password. Then select the security method through which you want to log into the application. And it’s done! Next time you will just open the application and simply log in with a PIN code or for example with your fingerprint.

You can log into the George mobile app with the same login details as those you used for Servis24 or for logging into My Status application. If you forgot them and you cannot find them even in the documents related to your account in Česká spořitelna, please, contact our Client Centre at 800 207 207.

If you need help to install and set up the George application to make it perfectly secure or, for example to prevent sending of any payments, please contact your branch. Our advisors will be glad to help you with George.

To maximise the security when using the mobile banking, utilise the IDentity Administration in your computer where you can set up mandatory manual confirmation of every transaction.Go to George in your computer and click on the cogwheel icon for Settings and in the options click on the Profile item. Use the Security methods section and click on the “Change” button. You will be flown to the IDentity Administration where you can switch off transactions without confirmation.

If you do not want to use the George internet- and mobile banking you can set the limit for confirming payments with the George klíč method to 0 CZK. How can you set up the zero limit? Go to George in your computer and click on the cogwheel icon for Settings and in the options click on the Profile item. In the Security methods section click on the “Change” button. You will be flown to the IDentity Administration where you can change your limit for the George klíč method.

Do you wish to have a general overview of your finance? So set up the Watchdogs in George. Watchdogs are announcements which can be sent to you as an email, SMS (fee applies) or a mobile notification to the Mobile George application.
Push notifications can be set up for every incoming or outgoing transaction, for card payments or you can even receive daily recapitulation of the account balance.

Requirements for security and verification of payments keep increasing. Instead of the SMS code that can be easily misuse it is better to download our George klíč application. It will notify you on your phone about any activity on your account and will request confirmation by code or for example with a fingerprint. You can confirm or reject such action. For more information on George klíč use this link.

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