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The modern bank, where we offer solutions not only to medium sized & large enterprises, municipalities and public sector entities, but also to multinational corporations and financial institutions. We develop strong long-lasting partnerships, built on solid foundations.


Strong position on the Czech corporate banking and financial markets

One of the two largest loan providers to entrepreneurs, companies and public sector entities.

Leading arranger of syndicated, club, acquisition, and project financing solutions.

Leading arranger of foreign and domestic bond issues for both local as well as international clients.

The largest provider of depositary and custody services to corporate and institutional clients.

Leading M&A advisor for local and regional clients from both the business and public sector.

The largest EUR/CZK trader and leading provider of treasury services to corporate and public sector clients.

The largest asset manager for external institutional clients.

We acquire more than 800 new clients a year in the SME sector.

We provide services to the public and non-profit sector, including the majority of the statutory towns, the regions, and a large percentage of city authorities and municipalities.

Selected Products

Project and Export Financing


  • Target specific loans enable meeting contracts
  • Loans for investments and business done abroad
  • Selling receivables improves your cash flow



Do you need funds for production and operation as to meet a contract? We provide target specific loans for financing business contracts and pre-export financing with tailor-made terms. To make good ideas become reality, we offer project financing of investment plans, including risk assessment.

Export and Import

We offer various kinds loans for business done abroad, in particular for structured export and import financing. Pick one based on your business target and position on the given market. Our loans can be insured at credit insurance companies against commercial and territorial risks.


Sell your receivables before their maturity – we will take over your risks. We buy receivables at their full value, either without recourse or with a re-assignment right. We will pay you the nominal value of the receivable minus any applicable discount.

Financing Business Contracts

Target Specific Loan for Contract Financing

  • Loan already upon signing a business contract
  • Competitive advantage and better cash flow
  • Helps you accept bigger contracts


Loan Purpose

You can get a loan already upon signing a business contract and use it for operation associated with production and the contract fulfilment. It can also be used to bridge deferred maturity of business contract receivables.

Loan Amount

The loan amount is determined on case-by-case basis; it depends on your creditworthiness and takes into account the volume and the course of funded business contracts fulfilment.

Loan Conditions

Since we monitor how contracts are fulfilled, you may qualify for a loan even if your credit rating is lower. Terms are defined on case-by-case basis.

Pre-Export Financing

Target Specific Loan for Prepared Export

  • Secured funds for production
  • Loan insurance with state subsidy
  • Loan available already during production preparation


Loan Purpose

Target specific loans are intended to finance specific export activities. They can be used to cover pre-production and production costs for export delivery in an already concluded export contract. Another possibility is a pre-export loan used for an investment.


Loan maturity is based on the date when the receivable arises from an executed export contract, from the subsequent export loan, or from a purchase of the receivable.


Czech exporters can make use of the state subsidy export programme. This concerns, in particular, insurance (types F and Fi), subsidised by insurance company EGAP (Export, Guarantee and Insurance Company). Export loans are insured against export risks (territorial risks and commercially undetectable commercial risks). EGAP's liabilities under insurance contracts are guaranteed by the state.

Factoring – Supply Chain Finance

Financing in customer-supplier relations

  • Instant financing of your receivables
  • Assignment of receivables electronically via internet platform eFactoring
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) support in factoring financing



Take advantage of instant financing of your receivables. We will immediately pay out up to 90% of your assigned receivables. Devote your time and attention to your business and leave the management and collection of your receivables up to us. We will shield you against your customers’ insolvency.

Reverse Factoring

Take advantage of your strong position in customer-supplier relations. Factoring financing of your suppliers up to 100% of the amount on the basis of a confirmation of your business commitments. With an extension of the maturity of your suppliers’ invoices, you can optimise the utilisation of your working capital. Obtain additional sources of financing without increasing your credit engagement.


Take advantage of electronic data interchange (EDI) in factoring financing. With electronic data interchange between the supplier, Factoring České spořitelny, and the customer, work with documents is automated and financing can be provided to your company faster. You can use EDI communication support with traditional as well as reverse factoring. The strategic partner of Factoring České spořitelny in the use of EDI is EDITEL CZ.

Purchase of Receivables

Let Us Take Care of Your Receivable Worries

  • You will get cash for your receivables without having to wait
  • We take over your risks
  • We purchase most receivables on Czech market


Purchase of Receivables

We will purchase your accounting receivables or receivables arising from bills of exchange prior to their due date - you will transfer the payment risk to us. We purchase receivables either without recourse or with a right of re-assignment (or recourse in case of default) to you.

Purchase of Receivables Options

We typically purchase the full amount of the receivable. But we also purchase so-called interest-bearing receivables. Once your receivables are purchased, your balance and liquidity will improve at a stroke. In the case of purchase without recourse, the financing fully up to you, as none of your credit funds are tied up.

Assignment Fees

The fee (amount we shall grant you for your receivable) is the nominal value of the receivable minus any applicable discount (interest until the maturity) and any applicable fees.

If you enable deferring the due date - you extend the receivable maturity and get a competitive advantage in the supplier choice process. You may include purchase of receivable costs already in the delivery price in the contract.

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