What documents do I need when arranging a mortgage?

Our Mortgage Specialist will discuss with you the documents needed to arrange a mortgage. These will vary depending on the purpose of the mortgage, the collateral used and the applicant/s. However, these will include documentation to prove your ability to pay off the mortgage over the long term.

Documents demonstrating the client’s and co-borrower’s financial standing:

  • Employees – confirmation of the applicant’s and co-borrower’s (as well as their spouses’) income,
  • Self-employed applicants – tax returns for the last two years, including payment confirmation of any taxes due,
  • Other documents providing evidence of income, such as rental agreements to show rental income, etc.,
  • An estimate of the value of the property to be mortgaged (note we can arrange a price estimate for apartments at one of our branches with our online property appraisal tool),
  • Acquisition title, e.g., purchase contract, agreement on future purchase contract, future deed of gift, restitution agreement, decision on succession (inheritance) etc.,
  • An insurance policy for the property to be mortgaged,
  • A copy of the cadastral map or cadastral plan (this is only for construction of new family homes).
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