Can I use a Česká spořitelna ATM to deposit cash into my account?

Yes, if you are our client and have a debit or credit card with us, you can use one of our ATMs to deposit cash into an account.

  • You can make deposits into any of the following:
    • a card linked to an account 
    • another Česká spořitelna account 
    • an account at a different bank
  • You can deposit up to CZK 350 000 per transaction.
  • You can only deposit valid Czech crown banknotes.
  • Only use banknotes that are uncreased, undamaged, unfolded and without bent corners. Česká spořitelna rules and guidelines state that damaged banknotes are not standard currency and, as such, may not be accepted by an ATM.
  • Damaged or creased banknotes may not be correctly read and recognised by the ATM.
  • Neither coins nor foreign currency can be deposited into an ATM.
  • When making a deposit, you have the option to enter a variable, constant or specific symbol.
  • The deposit will be credited to the account as soon as possible – within seconds in the case of personal accounts.

Steps for making a deposit:

  • Follow the directions on the screen.
  • Neatly and evenly put the banknotes together and then place them lengthwise into the deposit slot.
  • Remove any foreign objects such as paper clips, envelopes, money bands, stickers etc.
  • Place no more than 60 banknotes into the deposit slot at any one time. If you have additional banknotes select „I wish to add“ and then add further notes.
  • Confirm the deposited amount and wait for a receipt.
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