Services to support freelancers

„I know I can turn to someone as professional as I am.”

Obtain finances for your business

We approve loans without unnecessary delays

You'll find one of our business bankers in every regional town and they'll be happy to offer you an individual and timely solution.

Credit without security

You can obtain a loan of up to 2.7 million CZK without using real estate as security.

We'll help you with a bank guarantee

Do you need a guarantee for your business partner? We'll provide you with professional advice on the best approach.

Set up a Business Account with us

Manage your finances via an account that's suitable for small and larger trading companies with a turnover of up to 30 million CZK.

Business account Classic offers

  • an overdraft facility of up to CZK 50 000
  • up to 30 electronic payments per month free of charge
  • a monthly electronic account statement
  • a contactless Visa Business card
  • SERVIS 24 Internet and Mobile banking

Business account Maxi offers

  • a company overdraft facility of up to CZK 50 000 
  • all domestic electronic transactions free of charge 
  •  one monthly statement free of charge 
  •  a company savings account free of charge
  •  a contactless Visa Business card  
  • SERVIS 24 Internet and Telephone banking

Special financing options for freelance professionals

Professional overdraft facilities

  • for members of professional associations and their firms
  • the possibility of an overdraft facility up to 2 million CZK
  • special discounted interest rate
  • simple to set up
  • security of up to 1 million CZK only with a bill of exchange

Professional loan

  • for members of professional associations and their firms
  • loan amount of up to 2.7 million CZK without security
  • individual conditions
  • special discounted interest rate

Trust accounts designated for notaries

We have available accounts for notary's trusts, for financial means received by a subject performing legal services, for financial means received by a court executor or for an administrator of a bankrupt's estate.

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