„I was surprised at how many options I had, and all the things I could use my finances for.”

We approve loans without unnecessary delays

You'll find one of our business bankers in every regional town and they'll be happy to offer you an individual and timely solution.

Credit without security

You can obtain a loan of up to 2.7 million CZK without using real estate as security.

We'll help you with a bank guarantee

Do you need a guarantee for your business partner? We'll provide you with professional advice on the best approach.

Overdrafts and operational loans

Company Start-up credit

Is your firm still new? You may be able to use our Start-up finances.

  • for companies up to 3 years from establishment
  • up to CZK 650 000 without submitting a tax declaration
  • maturity period up to 6 years
  • possibility of deferring first repayment by up to 5 months
  • an interest rate of 9%

Lines of credit

Lines of credit are suitable for businesses and firms that have been operating for at least 2 years. You don't need to document what you're spending your finances on – you can use it to cover previous credits and loans, and combine it with further loans.

Arrangement can be done faster than you imagine

  • quick and simple set up
  • you only need to present your tax declaration

Credit adapted for you

  • you can choose your preferred repayment date
  • make payments regularly, intermittently or as one single lump sum payment
  • select regular instalments of the same amount, or progressively reduced amounts

Investment credit

Ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs. In addition you can use it to refinance earlier loans or lines of credit and combine it with other loan facilities.

Bring your ideas to life

  • obtain funds to purchase machinery, office fitouts or a fleet of company vehicles
  • loan proceeds may be used to purchase a partial ownership in a business or for other investments

Exactly made to measure

  • choose a fixed or variable interest rate
  • up to 15 year loan term
  • individually tailored loan security options
  • draw on the loan only once you need it – even up to 5 months from commencement

According to your requirements

  • we'll loan you as much as you need based on your capacity to repay
  • you can draw down on the funds in one go or progressively
  • adjust repayments according to your needs

Mortgage credit

Do you want to obtain real estate, build or reconstruct conveniently? Purchase real estate for your own business or for rental. 

Real estate for your own business

  • for legal entities and businesses
  • up to 30 million CZK
  • repayment period of 5-25 years according to type of financed real estate

Purchase of residential building to rent

  • up to 30 million CZK
  • pay off mortgage thanks to income from rent 

Finances for development projects

  • for legal entities
  • up to 150 million CZK
  • complex and individual care

Secure yourself against foreign exchange rate and interest rate risk

We offer a wide variety of financial market instruments. 

Protection against foreign exchange rate risks

  • currency swap
  • currency option
  • currency and interest rate swap – CIRS

Protection against interest rate risk

  • agreement on future interest rate
  • interest rate swap
  • interest rate option

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