Your secure gateway to trading in the domestic
and international markets


Your secure gateway to trading in
the domestic and international markets

How does work?

What are the main benefits?


You can always be sure that there is a vetted business partner on the other side. This is because a company can gain access to the platform only through their bank that is simultaneously a partner bank of In addition, the use of the blockchain technology reduces the risk of cyber attacks.

Simplicity and speed

The use of the platform is easy and intuitive. It will help you reduce your administrative workload and eliminate paper documents. You can arrange and confirm all the conditions with electronically.

Mitigating non-payment risks

With, you will significantly mitigate the risk of non-payments. This can be done with new products, such as automatic settlements and a payment guarantee.

Clarity and transparency

Thanks to digitised processes, you can trace the progress of trades online at any time – from creating orders to delivery.

More business opportunities

You will also appreciate in situations when your company starts planning to expand its business network and enter new foreign markets. Thanks to the secure environment of, you can perform business transactions with new business partners (for now just in Europe) with a much higher level of security.

Better cash flow forecasting and management

This platform will enable you to ask your bank to finance your receivables. With just a few clicks, you can ensure you are paid on time – and you will have more control of your company’s cash flow.

Products offered on the platform that will make trading easier

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Do you wish to trade fast and securely, and also be able to manage your cash flow effectively thanks to receivables financing?

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