George electronic banking for companies offers lots of both new and traditional features to make your life easier.

But that’s just the beginning. George is always growing in order to provide more options and to respond to your future needs and wishes.

What can George do for companies and entrepreneurs?


Smart searching

Using the full-text search function you can find whatever you need quickly and easily.

upozornění na výdaje

Managing all user profiles

You can use the George app to manage all user profiles from the one place in online banking. 

vyšší úroveň zabezpečení

George klíč app

You can now log in and confirm payments even more securely through this mobile app.

Vlastní bezpečné nastavení


You no longer have to waste time filling in account numbers. Now you have the option of creating contacts and templates making it easier to send payments.

automatické třídění plateb


A complete overview of your finances even when you’re not connected to online banking.

Účtenky vždy po ruce

Import and export payment orders

Import and export your payment order data from our accounting program as a matter of course.
is a matter of course.

Tips for companies and entrepreneurs

Help for the areas you use most often when managing the accounts and products your company has with the bank.

To make using George easier for you, you can rename your account, add your company’s logo, change the colour or adjust the size of the tiles.

If you manage the accounts of several account owners you can get a better overview of which products are your personal ones and which ones are the company’s under the “Your Products” tab. George can now sort them into individual profiles.

A profile is a summary of all products that a specific company, business or private individual has with the bank. You can toggle between profiles in the “Your Products” tab. After selecting a specific profile George will display only those products that fall under it.

If you have any company cards (credit or debit) in George, you will always find them under the holder’s personal profile.

Other options for tailoring George to your needs can be found in How do you create product groups / files?

In George you can download your transaction history for a selected period using the “export” function (e.g., into an Excel or PDF file). You will find the “export” function via the “Export transaction list” icon under account details in the “History” tab.

To export just select those items you want to keep track of in your transactions (e.g., variable symbol) in the “Field” column.

You can also quickly find past transactions using the full-text search function. 

George displays variable symbol for single outgoing and also incoming payments immediately in the Transaction History Overview. If you have the “Message for me” filled in for the payment, you will see it in the Transaction History Overview instead of a variable symbol.

Searching for payments by a variable symbol is simple. Just type the variable symbol to field “You search, I find!” in the Overview or directly in the Transaction History and George will automatically display for you payments with this variable symbol. Or you can search for payments with the magnifier icon in the navigation menu.

In George banking you can sort products however you like. Move or group tiles in your banking overview with your mouse. Create a group by dragging one product tile over another. In this way, for example, you could create a “Loans” group.

You can find your Directory under “Contacts and Templates” item - either in the form for a new payment or in the “Settings” (the cogwheel icon) in the main bar. The Contacts comprise the list of payees and their payment details. Subsequently, you can create Templates for payment orders under every contact.

What’s the difference between a Contact and a Template?

● A Contact consists of the payee name and account number and optionally it includes additional contact details of the payee.

● A Template is a subset of the Contact which also contains details of specific payment, such as amount, payment symbols, message for the payee, etc. Every template has its own name. 

How do the Contacts and Templates work in practice?

Imagine that you pay for the energy to the same supplier, however for different facilities. In such case you send the payment to the same Contact but the payment instructions have to be differentiated by a variable symbol through which the supplier will recognize the facility for which you want to pay. This situation can be recorded in “Contacts and Templates” in this way: you have one Contact called “Energy” with two Templates attached “Prague Smíchov facility” and “Ostrava facility”.

More information how to work with contacts and templates is available in George at bottom right, under the question mark icon.

When setting up bulk payments after you fill in the details of the final payment click on “Save & New". Only click on “Sign all” after then. It is still possible to make modifications in the rows of each payment before confirming all payments. After making the changes you’ll need to click on “Save & New" again in order to make sure that the last change has been saved. Then again click on “Sign all”.

Click on the “Extras” option in the main bar of your banking and select “File transfer”. If you do not have the active file transfer you can easily activate it through the “Add plugins” option. From now on the “File transfer” tile will be displayed for you on the main page.

Frequency and parameters of statement generation can be set up in the “Plugin settings”.

If you use the co-authorisation on the account from which you want to import payments, the “File transfer” must be switched on for all users who shall co-authorise the payments. Without the activated “File transfer” the payment will not be displayed to other users and thus it cannot be authorised.

In George you have two secure methods for confirming transactions: SMS + password or George klíč app. The SMS + password secure method has a maximum limit of CZK 200 000 per transaction. An authorisation SMS is used to confirm each transaction in George (on PC or phone). The limit on the George klíč app secure method can be increased to CZK 1 million without using an activation code. To increase the limit above CZK 1 million you need to use an activation code which you can obtain via an ATM or at any branch.

After logging in to the George mobile app, click on “Profile” in the bottom navigation bar and then on “Limit” in the menu. You will be able to set your new payment limit there.

Easily add, remove or modify authorisations via “Settings” (the cogwheel icon) under “Disposition rights”. Tap on “Go to portal” and an overview of all your products will appear. If you are the “Authorisation Administrator” you can modify the access levels of other users.

When making a payment using your computer you have the option of entering the email address that the confirmation will be sent to after the payment has been executed. 

In George mobile banking you do not enter your email address when making a payment. However, after the payment has been executed you do have the option of sharing details from the transaction history. This is not only via email, but also via SMS or any social network as needed. In transactions within George mobile banking, click on the payment details you’d like to share and select the option you prefer. 

You can activate the Co-authorization function in the “Settings”, section "Disposition rights”. Settings for a specific business account can be activated and changed by a person with the Authorized Person Administration. Two or three signatures can be set up for co-authorization. By including an Authorized person to the Group A, B or C you can define which Authorized persons can authorize transactions separately and which persons have to authorize them jointly. The co-authorization function can be set up only for current accounts.

Co-authorization of single payments and SEPA payments is available in the mobile and also in the internet versions of George. Co-authorization of other payment types is available only in the internet version of George

If you have any questions please call us on +420 956 777 438.

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