Business financing

“I want competence and professionalism from my people.
And that’s exactly what I get from my bank.”


“I want competence
and professionalism
from my people.
And that’s exactly
what I get
from my bank.”

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Bank guarantees

A written undertaking of the bank to pay the guarantee beneficiary the guaranteed amount if the debtor (the bank’s client) fails to meet its contractual obligations and/or if the conditions precedent for the payment specified in the guarantee are satisfied.

  • Securing any contractual obligation, whether payment or other.
  • Active management through BUSINESS 24.
  • Various types of guarantees (e.g., for rent, performance bond, retention money, for upfront payment, or customs clearance).
  • Option of receiving information about the issuing bank’s rating once a product is agreed.
  • Verification that the signatures on behalf of the bank are legal and binding.
  • Evaluation of the guarantee deed, or facilitation of exercising guarantee in the event of your request for payment under a guarantee provided by an issuing bank.

Documentary transactions

Documentary letters of credit

Hedging against risks of trade contracts.

  • Bank’s undertaking to pay (at sight or with deferred maturity) against documents submitted.
  • Hedging both contractors and customers against trade risks.
  • Enabling contractors to finance receivables (for L/C with deferred payment issued by a reputable bank).

Documentary collection and bill collection

More assurance for trade partners.

  • Assurance for the supplier that the customer (debtor) will not receive the documents or bill before satisfying the specified conditions.
  • This enables contractors to mitigate the risk that they will not get paid for the goods delivered (subject to using adequate documents).
  • This does not block the customer’s funds or credit limit before payment.


Use the option of financing, managing and insurance of receivables through classical factoring, or contractor financing based on the confirmation of your receivables.

How classical factoring works?

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How classical edifactoring works?

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How Post Financing works?

Do your contractors want you to pay them as soon as possible while your customers take their time paying you? This can sometimes make for quite long periods when your working capital reduces alarmingly. This short video shows how these situations can be addressed.

Structured business and export financing

We will advise you on special-purpose business financing. The products are suitable primarily for corporate clients.

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