Accounts and payments

“They know how to do it and they always offer us exactly what we need.”

Accounts and payments

“They know how to do it and they always offer us exactly what we need.”

Open your business account with us, or arrange for a card transaction service.

You can manage your finance simply and efficiently in Czech crowns and almost all other currencies.

Accounts for companies and for entrepreneurs

You can approach us directly. We will help you to choose the best account for your business.

Internet banking

Save your time and manage your accounts conveniently using our BUSINESS 24 or GEORGE services from your personal computer or mobile handset.


  • Internet banking for medium-sized and large companies.
  • Setting joint holders’ user rights.
  • Import of all types of payment orders from multiple accounts at a time.
  • Purchase and sale of foreign currencies.
  • Pledging of receivables.
  • Documentary transactions and bank guarantees.
  • Option of linking your bank account with your accounting system.


  • Internet banking for entrepreneurs and small companies.
  • Quick management of your accounts with a high level of security.
  • Secure log-in and confirming payments using the George Key mobile application.
  • Easy “one-stop shop” management of all products.
  • Easy and quick full-text search.
  • Importing and exporting payment orders from your accounting software.
  • No need to fill in account numbers with our Adresář (Directory) service.

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Card transactions

Enable your customers to pay to your shop or e-shop using their debit and credit cards. Get a company payment card from us and allow your employees to do the same.

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