Be careful when checking information on your phone.

What is Vishing?

Vishing is a portmanteau of voice and phishing. It is a type of phone fraud where the perpetrator calls the victim, introduces themselves as the employee of a bank (or some other company) and tells the person that their account has been compromised and that only they can protect their money. To do so, he or she says they only need to know the security information pertaining to the victim’s internet banking (ID and password, date of birth) or their bank card (number, validity, name on the card, CV number and PIN number). Finally, they convince the target to provide the security code sent to their phone by text message or to confirm the transaction in the George Key app.

What to be careful of

  • Run a check of the number that is calling you – if you enter the number into your internet search engine you can usually find information about it and reviews of the number.
  • Never give sensitive or confidential/secure information to anyone over the phone. Remember: never disclose your internet banking or card security information to anyone. Protect yourself and especially your money.
  • Do not trust anyone. Never give anyone the security code you receive by SMS or authorise any transaction in the George Key app that you have not executed yourself personally.

If you have become a victim of vishing:

1. call the toll-free number 800 207 207 and provide the following information:

  • The number you were called by 
  • The date and time you were called 
  • The information the perpetrator wanted to know 
  • The information you gave the perpetrator o Any transaction executed on your behalf afterwards 

2. report the crime to the Police of the Czech Republic.

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