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What is phishing?

Phishing usually takes the form of fake email messages intended to create the impression that they have been sent from a Česká spořitelna address. Their aim is to obtain and subsequently misuse the recipient’s banking identity, client number and password (identification and authentication data), security code, payment card PIN or other security information.

The message is usually written in poor Czech or English, contains a link to a fake website of Česká spořitelna and asks the addressee to confirm personal banking details.

Latest phishing threats

Most common types of phishing messages

  • Notification of payment failure
  • Request to update your log in details or security data
  • A client satisfaction survey

If you have received a fraudulent email, please send it to us at the address

Frequently asked questions

You can recognise a phishing email relatively easily, because as a rule we will never send out messages like these. We do not send any requests to change your PIN or log in details for any of your banking by email.

We direct active weblinks exclusively to secure pages on the web portal of Česká spořitelna:,,

The most common mistakes in the emails include poor English or Czech (diacritics may be missing) or a missing signature (every email we send to a client contains a signature).


phishing ukázka

Never reply to this type of message. You can forward it to us at, then delete it and do not click on any links in it. If you do respond, there is a risk that you will provide sensitive data to the scammer for further misuse.

If a suspicious page opens up after you click on a link or if something starts uploading content into your PC, immediately stop this activity.

If you only click on a link and do not enter any of your security information, no misuse of internet banking can occur.

You can tell if the website the link takes you to is fake if the address bar of the internet browser does not contain one of the addresses of Česká spořitelna:,,

If you have entered any details online, we recommend that you contact our 24 hour client centre immediately on 800 207 207 and request that your services be blocked and new login details generated.

If you are unable to reach the helpline on 800 207 207 for any reason, access to internet banking can be blocked by you entering an incorrect password three times consecutively.

Česká spořitelna internet banking is an entirely secure and convenient service, provided you follow all the security rules and specifically abide by the security recommendations from the bank:

  • Do not log into your banking services from unknown or publicly accessible computers.
  • Protect your login data.
  • Do not download files onto your computer and mobile phone from unknown sources.
  • Make sure that both your computer and mobile phone are protected by the most up to date antivirus protection..

Our internet banking maintains a high level of security through a series of security features that are interconnected but also not dependent on each other:

  • Client number and password.
  • SMS messages to authorise transactions.
  • A new secure way of banking using the George klíč mobile app.

The security features of SERVIS24 are as follows:

  • Client number and password.
  • SMS messages to authorise transactions.
  • A client certificate, which provides greater security.

This in no way constitutes a security breach. It is a typical case of spam. Attackers usually generate the email addresses of their recipients at random or purchase them on the black market.

We successfully protect the email addresses of our clients, as we do with other sensitive data, and never provide the addresses to third parties.

Fake emails may create the impression that they were sent from a Česká spořitelna email address. The header of the message is intentionally faked by the attackers. This is a typical case of spam.

Attackers usually generate the email addresses of their recipients at random, or purchase them on the black market. It is therefore possible to receive a fake email even if you are not a client of Česká spořitelna.

We monitor all phishing attempts. We have also filed several criminal complaints and work closely with the police in the Czech Republic to track down the perpetrators and prevent them from carrying out similar attacks. Together with our technology partners we are also taking steps to block the activities of cyber attackers abroad.

Prevention is also important, and for this reason we repeatedly advise our clients how to identify phishing, how to respond if they receive phishing emails and what to do if they have been affected by this type of attack.

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