SERVIS 24 Internetbanking - Security

Authorization to use the Service

To verify your identity and for avoidance of any unauthorized access to your account, the Internetbanking Application uses unique security technology: Client ID and password for Internetbanking (eventually current password for the Telebanking), Client Certificate or Login SMS. Upon correct entering of all required data and their authentication, you will be authorized to use all passive functionalities. You can change your password for Internetbanking at any time, optionally by means of graphic keyboard. When activating the Internetbanking service for the first time you will be prompted to enter additional specific information known exclusively to you, which will prevent any activation by a third party without your knowledge.

Transaction security

All active transactions must be authenticated by the authorisation SMS or by your Client Certificate.

You can set up the Authorisation SMSs method at any branch of Česká spořitelna - if you cannot come to Česká spořitelna branch in person, you can use correspondence method to request the set-up of Authorisation SMS.

All transaction security means listed above will provide necessary security that you have entered the transaction.

The application enables sending of SMS messages as a confirmation of transactions received by the Bank. The application can also be set up to send SMS messages after each movement on the account or whenever the account balance exceeds /drops under permitted limit.

Data security in the Bank

The Bank is protected against its systems hacking by efficient combination of hardware and software protection technologies, such as firewalls, hacker detectors and by separation of its information systems from any access through the Internet. The protection technology is periodically checked for efficiency and compliance with the Bank's security policy.

Secure communication with the Bank

To make sure that your transaction instructions are delivered safely to the Bank it is necessary to avoid their potential modification by unauthorized users. Therefore, your communication with the Bank over the Internet must be effectively encrypted by a 128-bit encryption by SSL technology. In addition, to enter into encrypted communication you will have to use the Bank's Server Certificate issued by a recognized certification authority, which will ensure that you really communicate with the Bank and not with some pretend-to-be Internet Banking provider.