Deposit Account

For whom the product is designed

Product description

The deposit account is intended for depositing of temporarily free funds, which may be in CZK or foreign currency. Funds can be deposited as a single deposit or as regular savings, which qualify clients for interest bonuses (only with CZK accounts).


The deposit account enables

Product Terms and Conditions


Basic functions of the Product


Who provides information

Interest rates

Further information

Minimum deposit and balance amount on the deposit account

Deposit accounts can be opened in CZK and in the following currencies:

Accounts can be opened for the following deposit term (product duration period):

Initial deposits by

Bonuses on additional deposits

Clients can obtain bonuses on additional deposits made during the deposit term (balancing period) if the total sum of additional deposits for the specified term reaches/exceeds:

The account holder is informed about the status of funds on the account by statements of account, which can be