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MultiCash is an international multi-bank system that can be used to administer your accounts held at different banks, not only in the Czech Republic but abroad as well. This offers an expanded scope of use. MultiCash can be used by a small company for administering a single current account at a bank in the Czech Republic, but it can also be used by an extended company network of an international corporation for administering multiple accounts in various currencies maintained at different domestic and foreign banks.

MultiCash is a direct banking service offered by Česká spořitelna, which allows you to use a client application for administering current accounts in an uninterrupted manner. In practice, this means that the MultiCash system is separated into two parts:

There are two possible technological options for ensuring communications between these two components of the MultiCash system. The communication between the client and bank components of the MultiCash system is served with Internet TCP/IP protocol.


International multi-bank system - it is possible to use one client application to manage accounts from all banks that support the MultiCash application. This applies to the Czech Republic as well as to abroad.

Remote signature - this system allows you to sign a batch of payment files sent to the bank for processing from a remote location. This can be accomplished by using two possible methods:

Unlimited number of payment orders in one file of payments - the number of payment instructions sent to the bank is not limited in any manner.

Detailed administration of electronic signature and transaction limit categories - a broad range of options that meet your requirements for secure authorization.

Bidirectional interfaces with a variety of accounting systems - imports of payment order batches to the MultiCash application and the export of reports to an accounting system.

Fully compatible with SEPA and PRIEURO payments - the MultiCash system is fully compatible with these types of payments. The most current version of the application, i.e., MultiCash 3.2, must be used in order to take advantage of these new payment types.

MultiCash is an alternative for anyone who does not want to use the Internet direct banking solution offered by the BUSINESS 24 Internetbanking and SERVIS 24 Internetbanking applications.

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Note: MultiCash works on the principle of sending payment files. In practice, this means you prepare individual payment orders within the framework of the application and, after they are authorized and prepared for transmission, they are sent to the bank in batches (payment files), i.e., as batch payment orders. It is only up to you as to whether a payment batch includes a single payment order or multiple payment orders. For this reason, the list above specifies both single as well as batch payment orders.


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