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Representative example for Overdraft

Loan type: overdraft
Loan amount: 20 000 CZK
Loan term: for indefinite time
Interest rate: 18,90 % p.a.
Monthly instalment: not specified1
Overdraft facility fee: free of charge
Payment transaction fees2: free of charge
Account maintenance monthly fee (account to which the overdraft facility is agreed)3: 29 CZK
RPSN: 25,38 %
Total amount paid by the consumer: 22 320 CZK

A practical example of an overdraft loan:

You have agreed an overdraft loan in the total amount of CZK 20 thousand; due to an unforeseen spending you need to draw down 5 thousand for 5 days until your salary is credited to the account. For the borrowed money you will pay an interest of just 13 CZK.

This is a representative example of an overdraft loan maintained to a ČS Personal Account where funds are withdrawn instantly and in full amount and repaid in 12 equal monthly instalments.

1 The loan is not repaid by regular instalments; it allows repayments at intervals and amounts left to your own discretion; however the overdraft loan shall always be repaid no later than within one year from each first drawdown following the overdraft’s full repayment

2 Applies to noncash/card payments for goods and services at stores. Other forms of loan drawdown may be subject to fees in accordance with the valid List of Tariffs and Fees.

3 The fee amount corresponds with the maintenance fee for Personal Account with overdraft loan (Standard I). The overall fee amount is derived from the number of products (services) agreed to your Personal Account.

If you already have other products/services agreed to your account, a newly activated overdraft loan may increase the overall amount of your monthly fee.

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