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With a prestigious Česká spořitelna Premier Visa Infinite payment card, you are always one step ahead. Below are more details that simplify your life thanks to the Visa Infinite payment card.

Safer internet shopping

You can also use your Visa Infinite payment card for payments on line. If you are worried about possible fraud, you can set up a lower limit for these types of payments, which you can easily change at any time through the Unlock/Lock card service.

The transaction limit can be changed for a period of between 1 hour and 5 days. This service is also free of charge to clients of Česká spořitelna Premier.

Transferring balances from other cards

If you want to have your buying under control, we offer you the option of transferring the balance from a different bank’s card to your Visa Infinite payment card. This way you will save on interest and get better control over your finances all within a single bank. And you also get the advantages of the prestigious payment card.

PIN of your choosing

Changing your PIN after a card is issued is always completely free of charge for our clients at Česká spořitelna Premier, and your new PIN takes effect immediately. This way you can also avoid possible unauthorized use of your card, if you have the feeling that your PIN has been revealed. If you forget your PIN, just contact the nearest Česká spořitelna Premier branch or request a PIN through SERVIS 24 – telebanking.

Replacement of a lost card

If your card has been lost or stolen, report this fact as soon as possible to block your card by calling the nonstop Česká spořitelna Premier client information telephone line. In the next few days we will send you a replacement card together with a new PIN. For better protection of your finances, you can take advantage of our unique Card and Personal Item Insurance.

Temporary card blocking

You can use revocable card blocking when, for example, you suspect your card may be lost or stolen, but you are not sure. Cards can be blocked by the cardholder or by the owner of the card account either at a Česká spořitelna Premier branch or through a Premier banker. If you find the card, you simply unblock it.

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