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SERVIS 24 is flexible access to your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in this country and abroad. Choose the way that best suits you or is appropriate at the moment. All three SERVIS 24 services – internet banking, telebanking and GSM banking – are available to you free of charge.

Internet banking

Internet banking is a reliable, safe, quick and comprehensive method, giving you maximum control and flexibility for managing your money.

Thanks to this service, you can manage your money from this country or from abroad, pay your bills, easily obtain information about or conduct transactions with your payment cards, loans, mortgages and investment accounts. You can also get electronic account statements and many other services.

Sign up for SERVIS 24 on line at www.servis24.cz to see how easy managing your financial world can be.


A convenient and personal form of direct banking is telebanking, which provides communication with the bank from this country or abroad through a telebanker. Your personal telebanker will not only advise you, but also carry out most operations with your account together with you. Česká spořitelna Premier clients have their own reserved priority telephone line.

GSM banking

A quick way to communicate with your bank is through direct GSM banking using secure SMS messages sent from a mobile phone.

Premier branches

We will gladly assist you with whatever you need at our Premier branches, reserved just for Česká spořitelna Premier clients. As a matter of course, you get privacy, elite consulting service and the deluxe services of a Premier personal banker who knows you and your needs, all in a pleasant environment.

Standard Česká spořitelna branches

As a client of Česká spořitelna Premier, you can also use the more than 660 Česká spořitelna branches, where advisors are ready to help you with cash deposits and withdrawals and with payment orders. For premium consulting and deluxe service, however, take advantage of our specialized Česká spořitelna Premier branches that are fully equipped to meet all of your needs.

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