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Our cash-free electronic payment system lets you send money the fastest and easiest way, directly onto the account of another person or organization in this country or abroad.

Assistance with transfer of payments from your former bank

We will gladly help you with the transfer of standing payment orders and consent for direct debit from your current account at a different bank. We can even handle the closing out of your account at another bank, including sending your employer a request for a change of the account for the depositing of your wages. This will greatly simplify changing your bank and the accompanying paperwork.

Standard payments and transfers from your accounts

You can submit orders for single domestic and foreign payments using Servis 24 internet banking, telebanking, or by submitting an order in writing at a Česká spořitelna Premier branch. Naturally, you will pay no fees for setting up most payment orders or for their transacting. Detailed information is available in the Schedule of Fees.
Priority payments – accelerated transactions
For domestic transactions in Czech crowns, you can take advantage of our priority payment service. These payments are guaranteed to be credited to the account of the recipient on the same day.

Standing orders for transfers from your accounts

Standing orders are instructions that you issue for the purpose of making payments of fixed amounts at regular intervals onto the account of the recipient. You can set up standing orders on your Premier Personal Accounts and on other accounts.

Consent for direct debit

Many service providers allow for automatic payment of regularly issued invoices by direct debit. A third party sends an order for payment from the funds on your Premier Personal Account. Payment, however, is only made if you have given consent for setting up this direct debit from your account. The amounts and dates may vary, depending on the agreements you have concluded with those organizations. In order to cancel permission for direct debit, you may contact us directly, or you may go through the company with which you have arranged the direct debit payments.


SIPO is an acronym for a direct debit payment method offered by Czech Post to pay for services (rent, utilities etc.). Your payments to multiple suppliers are combined into a single direct debit payment (SIPO), which Czech Post then distributes to the recipients. If you wish to take advantage of this service, you can set up these cash-free payments through your Premier Personal Account.

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