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At the beginning of June 2008, Ceska Sporitelna signed the Charter for Responsible Business and Declaration towards a Greener Savings and Retail Banking Sector.  Thereby, it became a member of the ESBG Group (European Savings Banks Group), whose member banks throughout Europe have, on a sustained basis, very actively striven to achieve sustainable development and consider corporate social responsibility (CSR) to be an integral part of their business.

The Charter for Responsible Business Defines Six Principles of Responsibility:

1. Fair and clear relations with customers (providing clear and complete information on all products and services, including the conditions of their use; providing such services as meet the interests and needs of clients; efficient resolution of customer complaints, etc.)

2. Promotion of banking service accessibility and financial inclusion (providing services to all segments of the population without any discrimination on the basis of age, gender and ethnic background; facilitating access to all products and services based on the customer’s needs; ensuring accessibility through branches and an external sales network, including in low-populated areas; enabling wheelchair access to persons with physical disabilities, etc.)

3. Environment-friendly business (incorporating the environmental dimension into all areas and processes of the bank and into supplier relations; promoting products and services that respect sustainable development, etc.)

4. Responsible approach to the development of the community (incorporating local needs into business plans; participation in the economic and social development of the region in which the bank operates; involvement in the financing of projects that develop the economy of the given region; providing support to civic associations and projects focusing on the development of culture, education, social welfare, environmental protection and protection of historical heritage)

5. Responsible employer (equal opportunities for all; offering qualified positions and good working conditions for all employees; promoting a corporate culture and corporate values; granting employees access to training and life-long learning programmes, etc.)

6. Communication (transparent communication about responsible business)

Declaration towards a Greener Savings and Retail Banking Sector:

The philosophy of the Declaration imposes on its member banks the obligation to contribute to the development of environmentally-friendly products and services, to apply environmentally responsible investment strategies, to implement environmental criteria in project financing, to financially support alternative energy programmes and environmentally-focused innovations, etc.

In this connection, ESBG and its members wish to contribute and help society in its successful response to existing threats, to operate as environmentally responsible market driving force, and to support local communities.

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