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A Simple and Inexpensive Mortgage. Pay as you see fit.

The Česká Spořitelna Mortgage offers not only an interest rate discount, but also variable repayment, i.e., the possibility of interrupting the repayment and postponing or changing the instalment amount.  With it, you can therefore determine the instalment amount yourself during the repayment of the mortgage.

Only you yourself will decide what your mortgage will be able to do. You will only choose the services that you will actually use, and as you go forward, you can add new ones or take away those which you no longer need. The mortgage thus flexibly adapts to your needs and you will have permanent control over it.

You always get advantageous starting conditions with selected services free of charge and fee-free mortgage processing.  Furthermore, when you purchase a flat, we have a free on-line valuation of the property directly at the branch.

Additional services, with which you can modify the mortgage conditions to suit your current situation, will make the mortgage processing, draw-down, and repayment process more pleasant for you:

  • You can adapt the mortgage draw-down, including the possibility of a draw-down without invoices in the case of construction
  • You can change the pace of repayment or interrupt it
  • You can secure yourself against unexpected situations and many others

If you repay your mortgage from your actively used Česká Spořitelna Personal Account, we will give you a 0.5 % discount on your mortgage interest rate.  

The advantage of the CS Mortgage is its variable repayment – a postponement or change of instalments, or an interruption of the repayment.

Once you have drawn the loan down, you can postpone repayment by up to three months, and during repayment, you can, after every 12 regular monthly instalments, reduce or increase your instalment amount by up to 30 % or interrupt repayment for up to three months. All three options are included in the Variable Payment service.

There are also advantageous conditions for building. The Česká Spořitelna Mortgage offers a simple and convenient draw-down without invoices, paid to your account, and up to CZK 500,000 above the current value of the collateral at the time of the commencement of the building.

Come get advice at one of Česká Spořitelna’s branches or Mortgage Centres, where our expert advisors will be happy to present our simple and inexpensive mortgage to you.  You can get an informative calculation of your monthly instalment yourself, with our on-line mortgage calculator [new window] (in Czech language only). For more information, contact our free information line 800 207 207.

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