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Servis 24 Internet Banking

The SERVIS 24 Internetbanking Service is intended for the administration of bank products via the internet and it is provided through an internet application.

Servis 24 Internet Banking START

For clients who avail only of deposit, loan accounts and/or products of our Financial Group or of Pojišťovna ČS (such as asset accounts, saving or loan building savings accounts, supplementary pension insurance, supplementary pension savings, pension savings or life insurance).

Servis 24 Mobile Bank

The mobile application allows for a secure and comfortable administration of personal finances at any time and any place directly from a mobile phone or tablet with the iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.

Business 24 Internet Banking

An electronic and telephone banking service which is provided for corporate and business clients of Česká spořitelna, a.s. Access to the service via phone allows not only for user support, but also for the execution of selected administrative operations, filing of complaints, and obtaining of information on completed transactions.

Business 24 Light

The BUSINESS 24 – LIGHT service is a simplified version of the BUSINESS 24 service and it is intended solely for corporate clients to obtain information on passive transactions in respect of accounts assigned under the service.

Business 24 Databanking

BUSINESS 24 Databanking is a direct banking service that enables contact with the bank directly from your economic system. You can make individual or multiple payments, you can check bank account balances, download data statements from the bank without having to leave not only your office, but even the environment of your economic software!

Business 24 Mobile Bank

Mobile Bank is a service that allows for a secure and comfortable management of your finances at any time and place directly from your mobile phone or tablet with the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) or Android operating system. It is available free of charge in Czech and English mutation.

My Balance

A mobile application which, unlike the “Mobile Bank”, allows only for passive access to your accounts (without the possibility to perform active transactions). Suitable for every-day brief check of your accounts and transactions.


A simple mobile application for minor payments when the payer sends a message with a reference for the collection of money to the payee by means of a SMS or e-mail message, via Facebook or another application.


A mobile application which enables you to contribute to specific charity collections. You can perform one-time contributions or contribute regularly upon any card payment you make (contributions through rounding).

Ticket Automaton

The Česká spořitelna Ticket Automaton mobile application enables both clients and non-clients to make an appointment for a specific date and time, or directly pick up their serial ticket and visit the selected branch. People can use the mobile application to arrange for appointments at both cash and non-cash service desks in selected branches of Česká spořitelna which are equipped with the Q-matic device.

My Healthy Finances

A web application which will display your expenses by category and hence will allow you to better manage your spending, if you have contracted the My Healthy Finances service.

My Healthy Finances (mobile application)

A mobile application which will display your expenses by category and hence will allow you to better manage your spending, if you have contracted the My Healthy Finances service.

Investment Centre

The Investment Centre application provides clients with free access to information from the world of investments. At present, the application may be used by iPhone owners only. The application offers the latest data from markets (stock, indices, interest and exchanges rates, etc.), information on products offered by Česká spořitelna or the latest analyses and prognoses from the entire Erste Group.

GSM Banking (to be discontinued as of 1 August 2016)

The SERVIS 24 GSM Banking is intended for the administration of accounts via mobile phones and it is provided via the SIM Toolkit application in the mobile phone.

Payment 24

PAYMENT 24 is a payment method intended for the payment for goods or services in the internet shop environment. PAYMENT 24 is automatically available to all shopping SERVIS 24 Internet Banking users.

Invoice 24

@INVOICE 24 is a service which offers clients the possibility to issue, send and receive invoices in electronic format. The client uses the service directly in the client´s accounting (ERP) system or via the Česká spořitelna internet portal. The use of the service via the internet portal is conditioned by contracting the BUSINESS 24 service.


The SERVIS 24 Telebanking service allows you to administer your accounts via telephone and it is provided within the scope of the services of Česká spořitelna Client Centre.

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