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07.06.2016 10:00

Go On Vacation with Ceska sporitelna, Leaving Fees and Worries Behind

  • From 1 June to 30 September 2016, Ceska sporitelna’s clients can exchange money from their accounts for foreign currencies, free of charge
  • In 10 European countries, they can make withdrawals from partners’ ATMs for CZK 5, just like in the Czech Republic from CS ATMs
  • If they lose their card and cash abroad, Ceska sporitelna will send its clients a replacement card or cash with its Emergency Service 

Are you planning a summer vacation abroad?  Whether our clients take a break on a beach or set out to explore the world’s great cities, Ceska sporitelna will be their reliable partner.  Before they leave home, they can exchange money from their account for any foreign currency, free of charge.  And when abroad, if their cash is washed away by a rising tide or stolen by a pickpocket, all they need do is call, and the rest of their holiday will be saved.  You can spend your leisure time as you envisaged, and leave all your worries to Ceska sporitelna.

From the beginning of June through to the end of September, Ceska sporitelna’s clients can exchange money for foreign currencies, free of all fees.  All they need is to have a current account at CS and draw money from it.  Exchanging money at a branch is not only more advantageous, but also more reliable than at street-side exchange points, which often offer excessive rates, high fees, or even counterfeit bills.  With a Personal Account, Ceska sporitelna offers travel insurance that includes medical expenses, accident insurance, liability for damage, flight delay and loss of baggage.  It comes in four versions, which differ in the insurance limit.  That means that you do not have to visit a bank or insurance company before your trip: all is taken care of, all at once, at one spot.

With a wallet full of the right bills, and with insurance against potential difficulties, nothing prevents clients from setting out on a trip.  But if clients run out of money on their travels faster than they had expected, they do not have to fear ATM withdrawals.  In ten European countries, withdrawals from Erste Group ATMs [new window] will only cost them CZK 5, just the same as a withdrawal from a Ceska sporitelna ATM. 

And if a client worries that he will lose his money while abroad, or that he will be robbed and be left without food or cash in a foreign country?  Such worries are unfounded.  If your money or payment card is lost or stolen, you only need to call +420 777 901 to block your card.  Upon request, Ceska sporitelna will send you a new card or cash, which you can collect at a bank near you. Even so, it is always good to keep some of your cash separately, for example, in your clothing at your hotel.  Another Ceska sporitelna service that might come in handy abroad is known as chargeback.  If a client uses his card to pay for goods which are damaged or even counterfeit, the bank will handle the claim for him.

Travel joyfully and worry free!

? Pro další informace prosím kontaktujte Tiskové centrum Finanční skupiny České spořitelny:

Kristýna Havligerová
Tisková mluvčí ČS
E-mail: tiskove_centrum@csas.cz


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