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Akceptace platebních karet

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Cash back

Cash back is the disbursement of cash to a cardholder at the point of sale when a purchase is made.

Cardholder benefits

  • Wider access to funds - in addition to ATM, added benefit of being able to withdraw small amounts of cash at the POS while making a purchase
  • Secure and rapid access to cash - safer and quicker way to obtain small amounts of cash than ATM withdrawals
  • Greater convenience - ability to combine two transactions into
  • Cash withdrawal up to 1500 CZK when amount of purchase is minimum of 300 CZK
  • cash withdrawal can be subject to fee charged by the bank that issed the payment card

Merchant benefits

  • Reduces cash handling costs - simplifies cash balancing and cuts cash transport costs. It also reduces the risk of handling and storing cash.
  • Strengthens customer loyalty - provides new and convenient ways for cardholders.
  • Potential for higher sale volumes - purchase of goods is condition of cash withdrawal.
  • Fee for transaction processing is not applied to the withdrawn amount

How the service works

  Points of sale that offer service cash back are decaled as cash back Visa a Mastercard.


  • Cash back service is processed by electronic way only, at the POS - not manually via imprinter.
  • Cash back is allowed by debit and credit cards Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic a Maestro, issued in the Czech Republic. 
  • Card-present type transaction - card and cardholder must be present
  • While making purchase of goods/services at minimum amount of 300 CZK, cardholder requires cash back or the withdrawal of cash is offered by the cashier.
  • The amount of cash back requested may not be higher than 1500 CZK. The sum is counted against the maximum cash limit permitted for the day.
  • Cardholder is requested to verify the full transaction sum by entering the PIN number or by signing the receipt. For enhanced security and protection cardholder might be asked by the cashier to identify itself (by ID card, passport).


Should you be interested in providing cash back service to your customers, please contact us on:

E-Mail: chciprijimatkarty@csas.cz

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