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Akceptace platebních karet

Přijímejte platební karty prostřednictvím Global Payments ve spolupráci s Českou spořitelnou

Technical Solution for Payment Card Acceptance

Česká spořitelna offers solutions adjusted to a the merchant needs. The standard is electronic payment terminal - POS terminal, as a back-up solution is the mechanical reader - imprinter available.

Stand-Alone Terminals

Dial-up terminals - general use for shops with ISDN or dial-up connection, with lesser volume of transactions processed.

IP terminals - ADSL line with VPN Lite service is mandatory, eventually IP connect from Telefónica O2. This is a solution fitting for middle-sized companies with more shops interconnected, eventually for individual shops with higher volume of transactions processed.

  • Appendix POS stand-alone defines basic parameters of the stand-alone type terminals
  • Appendix POS IP MPL defines basic parameters of the IP solution terminals

Portable Terminals

GSM terminals - suitable for restaurants, delivery companies, mountain hotels and stores without telephone line.

Bluetooth terminals - most recommended for restaurants. Terminal communicates with the platform, with the in-distance 20 - 30meters.

  • Appendix POS GSM defines basic parameters of GSM portable type terminals
  • Appendix POS Bluetooth defines basic parameters of Bluetooth portable type terminals

Flexipad Server Solution

This solution is intended for big trade chains, such as hypermarkets, hobby-markets, eventually for companies with multitude of stores. System consists of server, which communicates with payment terminals via serial interface or IP.  Server is connected to the bank via data line of higher quality.

  • Local Flexipad - server is located in each store of the business partner
  • Multimerchant Flexipad - server is located in headquarters of the business partner and payment terminals located in individual shops
  • Hosting Flexipad - server is located out of the network of the business partner, in hosting premises of  O2 telecommunication operator or GTS
  • Mall Flexipad - server is used for more Merchants in certain locality. Server is located in Shopping Centre operator and offers IP communication to all payment terminals of this Shopping Centre 

These solutions are designed individually for specific merchant, based on the knowledge of the shops setting.

Connection of Payment Terminal with Cash Register

All CS payment terminals have interface for communication with cash register. Communication protocol is for all CS business partners available upon request. As a favour, CS will lend testing payment terminal, testing cards and SW devices.

  • Appendix POS_ECR_Interface defines basic parameters of communication between terminals and cash registers.


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