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E-commerce 3D-Secure

Česká spořitelna uses the 3D Secure solution for e-commerce type of transactions. This solution is based on the state-of the-art application of card associations Visa and MasterCard. This is a globally standardised process of payments and acceptance of cards on the Internet, which from the security and convenience perspective meets the most challenging requirements of business partners as well as customers who shop on Internet.

Secure way of payment

  • card details are entered directly to payment page of the processing bank
  • merchant has no access to card details
  • data transfer is carried out through the secured HTTPS protocol, which encrypts these details
  • presence of logos "Verified by Visa" of Visa card assocaiation and "MasterCard SecureCode" of MasterCard association guarantees safe payment in an Internet shop

Benefits to Business Partner

  • safety of offered solution
  • high trust of cardholders
  • increased number of executed transactions
  • increased turnover
  • high speed of payment execution
  • precise control of executed payments
  • above-standard user-friendliness

Benefits to Customers

  • high security and transparency of transaction that is being performed
  • high trust of merchants supporting the 3D Secure solution
  • entire communication takes place between the customer and Ceska sporitelna without any intermediary

Accepted cards via e-shop

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro

The way to pay in e-shop

After selecting goods in e-shop, cardholder/customer confirms purchase by clicking on the Pay button. Then is redirected to the Payment Page of processing bank Česka Spořitelna., to enter card details.

Česka Spořitelna is the only entity processing entered card details and guarantees encrypted data transmission. Merchant is provided with the result of authorization only and instructions about how to further process the transaction. This method prevents misusage of the card by the subject who sells goods as well as the free transmission of unsecured data in public computer net. Cardholder and merchant are informed about the result of transaction via email.

The presence of marks Verified by Visa of card association Visa and MasterCard Secure Code of card association MasterCard guarantees the safe payment via internet.

If problems occurred while shopping via e-shop, System ČS informs cardholder about the reason:

  • Card details were not filled in correctly
  • There are no sufficient funds on the account or there has been exceeded the fixed limit for internet transactions
  • Card is not intended for on-line shopping, contacting issuing bank is advised

Technical Conditions of the E-commerce Service

  • relevant part of the Internet deal must be secured by the https protocol (certificate confirmed by the certification authority is not required, we accept self-signed certificate)
  • solution contains entering of security elements - the so called CVV2 or CVC2, which is a three-digit code usually located on the back of the reverse side of the card, in the signature stripe
  • payment gateway communicates also in English and German
  • acceptance of foreign currencies is self-evident  - at the moment we offer EUR, USD and GBP.
  • communication of the e-shop with the bank is tested before the Internet shop is put into live operation

Necessary Modifications on the Business Parter Side before Integration into the Česka sporitelna System

  • creation or modification of the form that sends out data (POST to the Česka sporitelna system)
  • modification of database (introducing necessary fields)
  • creation of "validation" and "confirmation" scripts for checking data received from Česka sporitelna against data stored in the database. Scripts must accept variables, perform the check and respond with an html string.
  • creating of the "OK" and "NOK" pages, to which the cardholder is routed by the Česka spořitelna payment system after the transaction is finished (identification number of the payment is still transferred, that is the scripts can be used for e.g. writing the transaction status into the database)
  • validation and confirmation scripts must be secured through the SSL protocol. These addresses thus start with https://


Česka spořitelna does collect an entry fee that is determined individually.

Česka spořitelna does not collect monthly fee.

Fee from each processed transaction - this fee is set individually based on the client´s business informations provided.
The fee for transactions processed on cards issued by Ceska sporitelna may be negotiated regarding the lower costs for processing such transactions. Česka sporitelna is a top leader in Czech Republic in terms of the issued cards volume.


Should you be interested in the card aceeptance via E-commerce 3D-Secure solution , please fill in the Merchant Application Form and send to e-commerce@csas.cz or contact us.

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